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Michelle Harris

Healer, Teacher and Guide Pure Potential Worldwide
Cell Phone: +852 9180 0763 Membership: 29-May-2015 Website: purepotentialworldwide.com
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Training and mentorship programs, consultations, private sessions and self-empowerment classes for children and adults; available in person and via Skype

Awaken your pure potential in your life or your business. A natural counsellor, healing heart channel, teacher and guide, Michelle has been a healing influence since an early age. She offers understanding, tools, insights and ideas with loving wisdom through sacred and powerful multi-level healing for adults, children and businesses, including children’s meditation classes. Transform even your deepest fears and traumas into positive elements in your life when you see them as an opportunity for growth and claim the spiritual aspects of who you truly are. Get mentoring and guidance for personal / spiritual empowerment and achieving business success.

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