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It is exciting to celebrate 13 years of conscious everyday choices in Hong Kong and here is the weekly round-up inspired posts, interesting articles and upcoming events from the heartbeat natural lifestyle community: The Stress Myth – A SoulFood Seminar; Yoga is Happiness; Sustainability Drives Change; Waste-to-Art Beach Cleanup Project; Community Drum Jam; Dharma for Kids — Organize an outing with friends or make a date with your self and connect with new friends who share your interest in everything natural. Find what you’re looking for — even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

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The Stress Myth – A SoulFood Seminar

Yoga is Happiness

Post by HK heartbeat.

Sustainability Drives Change

Dharma for Kids

Waste-to-Art Beach Cleanup Project

Emotional Well-being and Empowerment

Plan to Worry

Round Lantau Swim Challenge for Plastic Free Seas

Online with Anita Moorjani

Community Drum Jam



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