The electronics effect

Electronics are effecting our health and our planet

Wearable tech, mountains of e-waste and unsustainable internet energy use suggest it might be time to take another look at our addiction before buying the latest new gadget.

The arrival of the Apple watch last month is part of the wearable tech trend that ignores concerns about health effects of devices on the human body. We are throwing away more fully functional electronics than ever before. Enter any Hong Kong household after the lights are out and you will likely see a twinkling of green and blue and red lights as chargers draw energy for smart phones, tablets and other devices we think we can’t live without.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Programme

“Each year, Hong Kong households and corporates throw away more than 70 thousand tonnes of computers and electrical and electronic equipment. Some of these items are still in good working condition and could be put to second-hand use. All of them contain components and materials that could be recovered for reuse and recycling, such as metals and plastics”

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“Almost 200 scientists and academics from over three dozen countries have issued a letter calling for the United Nations, World Health Organization and governments around the world to tighten regulations around electro-magnetic field (EMF) exposure coming from handheld devices.”

Building The Green Internetread article

“The Internet needs a lot of electricity and its footprint is only growing as more people around the world get connected. If coal, gas and nuclear power fuels all of that digital growth, it will lock the world’s new digital economy into the polluting energy of yesterday”

Here are a few places in Hong Kong to recycle your electronics

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