The new ground zero

Where does your smart phone go?

It will very likely end up in the new haven for illegal imports of e-waste.

On beaches and in open scrapyards, pollution congregates in Hong Kong — the new ground zero for waste from around the world.

Every piece of trash tells us a lot about the society where it is.

Ilana Boltvinik, Tres, Mexican art collective

Components of printers, DVD players, telephones and computers are among hazardous broken light bulbs whose toxic chemicals have already escaped into the ground, air and water. In Hong Kong, e-waste inspections are carried out at the port by the EPD.

The percentage of what you are actually inspecting ins 0.006 percent – that’s just insignificant and it’s ridiculous

Jim Puckket, Basel Action Network

The government does not know how many illegal sites are operating in Hong Kong because they do not have to register with the EPD.

Vincent Kan, Director, Vannex International Ltd

There is no Hong Kong facility for processing CRT glass. Under the Waste Disposal Ordinance, waste disposal licenses are issued to
recycle and process glass waste from TV and computer monitors With only 2 locally licenced operators, no companies are authorized to process imported e-waste.

We saw all that trash coming ashore, just constantly with the surf coming in. It’s really sad. That really struck a nerve with me. It’s not just the human element. It’s also the wildlife and the effect this is going to have on the wildlife and also our food supply.

Gary Stokes, Director Asia, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

What can you do?

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