The point of change

While it may not seem immediately obvious, a remarkable thing happened in Hong Kong today when government departments gathered and invited public interest groups and individuals to share their ideas and address their concerns on the topic of coastal and marine pollution.

We are at the point of change. ‪#‎bethechange

Join the movement and support these participating organizations or get involved with a #popupcleanup.

Living LammaEstablished to address the degradation of natural beauty and village character; concrete, metal fences, construction waste dumping on agricultural land > details

Environmental Protection DepartmentPublic engagement for long-term strategy on environmental protection > details

WWF Hong KongMission to stop and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of our natural environment and to help build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature > details

HK CleanupOrganizing regular cleanups, increasing awareness of importance of communities and advocating for change in public policy related to waste management > details

Ocean Recovery AllianceBringing together new technologies, solutions, ideas and projects to help with issues that negatively impact the health of the oceans > details

Designing Hong KongLocal non-profit focused on sustainable urban planning > details

Hong Kong OutdoorsInformation and advice on enjoying and protecting wild Hong Kong > details

Living Islands MovementA South Lantau based community organization that promotes sustainable islands development > details

Sea Shepherd Conservation SocietyOur team raises awareness about threats to our oceans with stories of crimes against the environment on the high seas. > details

Save Aberdeen Harbour AllianceUniting people committed to creating sustainable solutions to tons of rubbish thrown into the waters and carried out to sea > details


Lam Ki Chi from Ying Wa Primary School

The government team


csp-coast-gov2 csp-coast-gov1

A selection of slides from the event











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