Take a minute

Sometimes, we need a little outside help to take a break from the routine. Our thoughts and habits become second nature when we do the same thing over and over every day and every week and every month and every year.

Holidays can offer a change of scenery but even though many of us take a summer trip, we pack our schedules and we pack our suitcase with more than we will actually need on our travels.

We bring baggage from work and worries about the world and although we plan to relax and unwind and enjoy time with family and friends, we find ourselves continually checking our devices just in case we missed something important.

Every once in a while, nature steps in to shake things up a bit.

Today, our city went quiet and life slowed down for a minute.

We have this opportunity to unplug and reflect and review and let Nida blow away the cobwebs. It is a perfect chance to disconnect with what’s out there and reconnect with what’s in here.

Some of us will use the time to catch up on stuff that piles up. Some of us will do the things we say we never have time to do. Some of us will escape into movies or books or games. Some of us will pull out articles we have been saving for later.

While you’ve got a minute, you might want to sign up for a cleanup, meet our members making a difference, get informed about HK’s new ground zero, reconsider plastic thinking or get in touch with your inner farmer.

Take a moment to step back and view life from a wider perspective.

What do you see?



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