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As we head out for a weekend of holiday preparations, we take this opportunity to introduce business members in our community with plenty of natural options for everyday choices in Hong Kong.

With gatherings to organize, gifts to purchase and plans to make, we can all use a little help from people who recognize the value of hosting conscious celebrations and giving presents with presence.

As usual, for those of us living life in the fast lane, it is important to be aware of how we are nurturing ourselves, managing our own energy and being aware of our own difficult feelings that come up so they don’t leak out on others, especially during the silly season.

In our city of constant change, the heartbeat directory makes life a little easier with thousands of local professionals, businesses and organizations supporting conscious everyday choices and providing a wide variety of products, services and programs — aromatherapy to zero-waste and everything in between – see all categories.

Membership is available by application for local professionals, companies and organizations and successful applicants are eligible for a listing on the website directory — a natural guide for life in the fast lane.

Listings are presented in order of joining the HK heartbeat community.

Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre

Classes and private sessions teaching Nei Gong (an internal Qi Gong) to integrate body and mind; free trial class. > more

LISTING : Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre

3/F, Friendship Mansion, 345 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

TEL : +852 2871 0430
EMAIL : neigongcentre@netvigator.com
WEBSITE : tianyanneigong.com

Buteyko Breathing Asia

Learn a series of breathing exercises and understand how breathing relates to your sleeping, eating, exercise, lifestyle and postural habits > more

LISTING : Buteyko Breathing Asia

TEL : +63 919 635 6060
EMAIL : buteykoasia@gmail.com
WEBSITE : asia.learnbuteyko.com


Educational holistic well-being centre established offering individual sessions and classes on healing, meditation, spiritual knowledge and holistic health > more

LISTING : dragonfly

11/F, Willie Building, 222-224 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan

TEL : +852 2793 5222
EMAIL : info@dragonfly-now.com
WEBSITE : dragonfly-now.com

Red Doors Studio

A platform for complementary practices serving to elevate energy hosting a community of practitioners offering their skills, expertise and energy > more

LISTING : Red Doors

Flat A, 21/F, Lee Fund Centre, 31 Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen

TEL : +852 2110 0152
EMAIL : info@red-doors.com
WEBSITE : red-doors.com

The Body Group

Physiotheraphy and wellness clinic; treatment plans for infants to adults; regular workshops and classes > more

LISTING : The Body Group

14/F, Prosperous Building, 48-52 Des Voeux Road, Central

TEL : +852 2167 7305
EMAIL : info@thebodygroup.com
WEBSITE : thebodygroup.com

Sravaniya DiPecoraro

Using western psychological astrology, tarot, numerology and I Ching; since 1992; YA500 yoga teacher conducting philosophy courses and certification > more

LISTING : Sravaniya DiPecoraro

TEL : +852 9856 0799
EMAIL : info@barefootphilosopher.press
WEBSITE : barefootphilosopher.press


Water filtration system using natural pressure without electricity; eliminating impurities in the body, adding trace minerals and balancing pH > more

LISTING : AcquaVibe

Unit B, 4/F, Gough Plaza, 33 Gough Street, Central

TEL : +852 6033 3759
EMAIL : info@acquavibe.com
WEBSITE : acquavibe.com

The Maya Institute

Specializing in the natural treatment of allergies, eczema, asthma, sensory processing disorders, autism, behavioural and attention issues including ADD, ADHD > more

LISTING : The Maya Institute

20/F, Thyrse House, 16 Pottinger Street, Central

TEL : +852 3568 3134
EMAIL : info@mayahealthinstitute.com
WEBSITE : mayahealthinstitute.com

Wise Women

Wellbeing for women through the positive and transformative power of arts, including visual arts, dance, music, creative writing and theatre > more

LISTING : Wise Women

TEL : +852 2865 4865
EMAIL : lindsey@hkyaf.com
WEBSITE : wisewomanwellbeing.com

The BodyTalk Clinic

Holistic therapy based on quantum physics and kinesiology to resynchronize the body’s systems so they can operate as nature intended. > more

LISTING : The BodyTalk Clinic

19/F, Siu Ying Commercial Building, 153 Queen’s Road Central, Central

TEL : +852 2521 4388
EMAIL : bodytalkhk@gmail.com
WEBSITE : bodytalksystem.com/practitioners/details.cfm?id=883

Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre

Detox and regain energy in a comfortable, relaxing environment in the hands of experienced I-ACT certified therapist. Prevention is better than cure. > more

LISTING : Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre

Room 7A, Han Chung Mansion, 8 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

TEL : +852 2805 7535
EMAIL : jeffreyzee219@gmail.com
WEBSITE : mindbodycolonic.com

Dr Tommy Chan

Specializing in non-drug approach to psychological health problems affecting adults, children and families; coaching individuals and organizations for improved performance > more

LISTING : Dr Tommy Chan

TEL : +852 3692 4890
EMAIL : tommyhmchan@gmail.com
WEBSITE : drtommychan.iyp.hk

Oxyvital International Ltd

Medical air quality solutions to naturally and safely purify indoor air to WHO standards, removing particulate, microorganic and gaseous pollutants > more

LISTING : Oxyvital International Ltd

Suite 404, 4/F, Chinachem Exchange Square, 1 Hoi Wan Road, Quarry Bay

TEL : +852 2893 5928
EMAIL : info@oxyvital.com
WEBSITE : oxyvital.com

Michelle Harris

Training and mentorship programs, consultations, private sessions and self-empowerment classes for children and adults; available in person and via Skype > more

LISTING : Michelle Harris

Luminus Link, 8/F, Oriental Crystal Commercial Building, 46 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

TEL : +852 9180 0763
EMAIL : michelle@purepotentialworldwide.com
WEBSITE : purepotentialworldwide.com

Angela Spaxman

Career change and leadership development coaching and assessment with managers, professionals and business people looking for more success and fulfillment > more

LISTING : Angela Spaxman

6/F, Cosmos Building, 8 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

TEL : +852 8103 7326
EMAIL : angela@spaxman.com.hk
WEBSITE : loving-your-work.com

Barry Sadleir

Individual healing sessions include relaxation, energy clearing, hands-on healing and channeled messages from ascended masters or angels; published author > more

LISTING : Barry Sadleir

Shakti Healing Circle, 701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central

TEL : +852 6296 9867
EMAIL : barrysadleir@yahoo.com.au
WEBSITE : shaktihealingcircle.com

Natural Living

Natural and organic products for body and home including Ecozmo natural paint, natural cleaning products, organic face & body care, organic health supplements > more

LISTING : Natural Living

8/F, Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen

TEL : +852 2847 3378
EMAIL : info@naturalliving.hk
WEBSITE : NaturalLiving.hk

Balance Health

Natural health clinic integrating the principles of conventional and complementary medicine for a treatment plan delivering optimal health and wellness > more

LISTING : Balance Health

2705 Universal Trade Centre, 3-5 Arbuthnot Road, Central

TEL : +852 2530 3315
EMAIL : appt@balancehealth.com.hk
WEBSITE : balancehealth.com.hk

Posto Pubblico

Italian home-cooking with classically simple ingredients using organic produce sourced from neighboring farmers to reduce our carbon footprint > more

LISTING : Posto Pubblico

G/F, 28 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

TEL : +852 2577 7160
EMAIL : info@postopubblico.com
WEBSITE : postopubblico.com

Homegrown Foods

Weekly delivery of vegetables free of synthetic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides from local family farms within 24 hours of harvesting > more

LISTING : Homegrown Foods

54B Tai Lung Tsuen, Sheung Shui, NT

TEL : +852 2671 2771
EMAIL : info@homegrownfoods.com.hk
WEBSITE : homegrownfoods.com.hk

Linguini Fini

Rustic, homemade home-grown, home-cooked Italian cuisine; open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon bites, dinner, late night drinks and private parties > more

LISTING : Linguini Fini

49 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

TEL : +852 2387 6338
EMAIL : info@linguinifini.com
WEBSITE : linguinifini.com

i-Detox Wellness Centre

Wellness education centre, progressive health food shop and urban detox consultancy integrating holistic nutrition, functional medicine, naturopathy for healthy living > more

LISTING : i-Detox Wellness Centre

1/F, V-Plus, 68-70 Wellington Street, Central

TEL : +852 3904 1072
EMAIL : info@i-detox.com
WEBSITE : i-detox.com

David Knowles

Character analysis and forecasting work to help the individual make conscious decisions in their life > more

LISTING : David Knowles

EMAIL : davidknowles1958@gmail.com
WEBSITE : davidknowlesastrology.com

Shakti Healing Circle

Holistic approach to wellness and emotional and spiritual growth with resident and regular visiting practitioners, regular programs, workshops and talks > more

LISTING : Shakti Healing Circle

701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central

TEL : +852 2521 5099
EMAIL : pervin@shaktihealingcircle.com
WEBSITE : shaktihealingcircle.com

Charlotte Douglas

Holistic approach to general health and fertility using homeopathy, herbs, flower essences, tissue salts and dietary advice > more

LISTING : Charlotte Douglas

The Sanctuary, Unit 902, 9/F, Waga Commercial Centre, 99 Wellington Street, Central

TEL : +852 6680 0340
EMAIL : charlotte@lovelifehk.com
WEBSITE : lovelifehk.com

Jill Marshall

Through a series of exercises or movements, tone inside and out to strengthen and increase endurance of your core muscles. > more

LISTING : Jill Marshall

Pause HK, 16/F, Tin On Sing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street, Central

TEL : +852 9708 0187
EMAIL : pilates.fitness.hk@gmail.com
WEBSITE : jillmarshallpilates.com

The Yoga Room

Hatha, Ashtanga, yoga kids, prenatal, yin, pilates and meditation classes for beginners to advanced > more

LISTING : The Yoga Room

15/F, Xiu Ping Commercial Building, 104 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan

TEL : +852 2544 8398
EMAIL : info@yogaroomhk.com
WEBSITE : yogaroomhk.com

Barry Sadleir

Individual healing sessions include relaxation, energy clearing, hands-on healing and channeled messages from ascended masters or angels; published author > more

LISTING : Barry Sadleir

Shakti Healing Circle, 701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central

TEL : +852 6296 9867
EMAIL : barrysadleir@yahoo.com.au
WEBSITE : shaktihealingcircle.com

The Studio Sai Kung

Pilates, aerobics, Body-sculptor, circuit training, yoga, pre-natal yoga, personal training, Pilates for rehabilitation, health and fitness workshops > more

LISTING : The Studio Sai Kung

1/F, 28 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, NT

TEL : +852 2791 9705
EMAIL : studiosaikung@gmail.com
WEBSITE : thestudiosaikung.com

Hancock & Graham House

Hancock & Graham House is an organic agent for holistic professionals with a variety of visiting and local practioners > more

LISTING : Hancock & Graham House

EMAIL : admin@hancockandgrahamhouse.com

Lakshmi Harilela

Hatha yoga instruction > more

LISTING : Lakshmi Harilela

TEL : +852 9504 0288
EMAIL : lakshmi.harilela@gmail.com
WEBSITE : lovetruelight.com


Home delivery of fresh vegetables & fruit, free-range hormone antibiotic-free, grass-fed meat and eggs > more

LISTING : meatmarket.hk

Level 15, Units 1 & 2 Oceanic Industrial Centre, 2 Lee Lok Street, Ap Lei Chau

TEL : +852 8135 1394
EMAIL : marketing@wholefoodsasia.com
WEBSITE : meatmarket.hk

The Meatery

Grass fed, free range, organic meats from sustainable producers around the world; home delivery in Mid Levels > more

LISTING : The Meatery

G/F, Shop B, 23-27 Mosque Street, Mid Levels

TEL : +852 8135 1394
EMAIL : marketing@wholefoodsasia.com
WEBSITE : meatmarket.hk

Elite PT Studio

Personal training, health and nutrition center with modern equipment, personal trainers and classes for beginners, experts, amateurs and professional athletes > more

LISTING : Elite PT Studio

20/F, Phase 2 Regency Centre, 41-43 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

TEL : +852 2552 9925
EMAIL : info@bootcamp.com.hk
WEBSITE : eliteptstudio.com

Stanley Wellness Centre

Integrative clinic offering allied health disciplines treating newborns to elderly, including pre and antenatal care, sports injuries and chronic conditions > more

LISTING : Stanley Wellness Centre

G/F, 120 Stanley Main Street, Stanley

TEL : +852 2372 9700
EMAIL : stanleywellness@gmail.com
WEBSITE : stanleywellnesscentre.com

Hersha Chellaram

Yoga and meditation classes for beginners to advanced including special needs students > more

LISTING : Hersha Chellaram

TEL : +852 6103 9642
EMAIL : info@hershayoga.com
WEBSITE : hershayoga.com

Maya Café

Mediterranean style vegetarian, vegan and raw food based on the Mediterranean diet > more

LISTING : Maya Café

5 Moon Street, Wan Chai

TEL : +852 2529 3319
EMAIL : maya.cafeinhk@hotmail.com
WEBSITE : mayacafe.com.hk

La Cabane Wine Cellar & Bistro

Natural, biodynamic, non-interventionist, low sulphite wines and fine foods sourced directly from small producers in France and the new world > more

LISTING : La Cabane Wine Cellar & Bistro

B/F, 97 Hollywood Road, Central

TEL : +852 2517 0186
EMAIL : info@lacabane.hk
WEBSITE : lacabane.hk

Easyoga Hong Kong

Professional yoga clothing and equipment > more

LISTING : Easyoga Hong Kong

2/F, 17 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

TEL : +852 2983 2130
EMAIL : om@easyoga.com.hk
WEBSITE : easyoga.com.hk

SpiceBox Organics

Organically grown specialty food products free of pesticides and harmful chemicals > more

LISTING : SpiceBox Organics

TEL : +852 2568 2728
EMAIL : info@spiceboxorganics.com
WEBSITE : spiceboxorganics.com

Berry Time

Shop online for a great selection of high quality foods from around the world at reasonable prices; free local delivery; Online health food store and magazine > more

LISTING : Qualitarian

20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road Central, Central

TEL : +852 5808 8858
EMAIL : contactus@foursigmafoods.com
WEBSITE : qualitarian.co

Body Awakening

Cleansing and detox kit, probiotics, green food, organic supplements > more

LISTING : Body Awakening

1003, 43-55 Wyndham Street, 30 Connaught Road, Central

TEL : +852 8192 7636
EMAIL : info@bodyawakening.net
WEBSITE : bodyawakening.net

Aquasana Hong Kong

Water filtration company specializing in drinking, shower and whole house filters > more

LISTING : Aquasana Hong Kong

TEL : +852 6095 5222
EMAIL : leung@aquasana-hk.com
WEBSITE : aquasana-hk.com

Ringana Maya Company

Freshly delivered from Austria to Hong Kong, 100% chemical-free personal care and dietary supplements for the whole family > more

LISTING : Ringana Maya Company

2508 Clifford Centre, 782 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

TEL : +852 9717 0377
EMAIL : siuhing@ecofreshaustria.com
WEBSITE : ecofreshaustria.com

Holistic Pet Help

Online shop providing holistic food, health care and grooming products for companion animals > more

LISTING : Holistic Pet Help

Unit 127, 4/F, The Venus Industrial Building, 45-51 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, NT

TEL : +852 9095 6513
EMAIL : info@holisticpethelp.com
WEBSITE : holisticpethelp.com

Hantin Food Company Ltd

Distributing imported organic and sustainable foods and beverages, health and personal care products; dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian options > more

LISTING : Hantin Food Company Ltd

Room 912, Fu Hang Industrial Building, 1 Hok Yuen Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon

TEL : +852 2110 5053
EMAIL : info@hantin.com
WEBSITE : hantin.com

Sylvia Chan

Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator offering seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching to get clear on goals and achieve your dreams > more

LISTING : Sylvia Chan

TEL : +852 9155 8323
EMAIL : sylvia@loa-hk.com
WEBSITE : loa-hk.com


Compostable packaging made from low-carbon, plastic-free, recycled or renewable plant-based materials that can be recycled together with food waste after use > more

LISTING : Vegware

6/F, Central 88, 88-98 Des Voeux Road, Central

TEL : +852 3468 5479
EMAIL : info@vegware.hk
WEBSITE : vegware.hk

A Day With Fé

A versatile clothing line that blends day wear and yoga wear with everyday comfort and elegant style > more

LISTING : A Day With Fé

S502, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

TEL : +852 2546 9300
EMAIL : enjoy@adaywithfe.com
WEBSITE : adaywithfe.com

Pluvial Plus

Water filtration system using gravity pressure through multi-stage filters to remove impurities and infuse with healthy minerals > more

LISTING : Pluvial Plus

EMAIL : brett@pluvialplus.com
WEBSITE : pluvialplus.com

Aberdeen Street

Mediterranean restaurant and bar sourcing from local organic farms where possible; no MSG preservatives; vegetarian and gluten-free option; outdoor terrace > more

LISTING : Aberdeen Street

UG/F, King Ho Building, 41-49 Aberdeen Street, Central

TEL : +852 2546 5833
EMAIL : contact@aberdeenstreet.com.hk
WEBSITE : aberdeenstreet.hk

Falguni Mather

Integrative counselling; specializing in stress management; personal crisis, anger, confidence, phobias, grief, loss, trauma and PTSD > more

LISTING : Falguni Mather

The Body Group, 14/F, Prosperous Building, 48-52 Des Voeux Road, Central

TEL : +852 6444 0952
EMAIL : falguni@mather.com
WEBSITE : freeingemotions.com

Lara Morbey

Private sessions and group workshops > more

LISTING : Lara Morbey

Rua nova de São Lázaro, Nº 6, Edifício Seng Wa, 1º Andar

TEL : +852 6658 3840
EMAIL : laramorbey@gmail.com
WEBSITE : familydynamics.com.hk/en/elaine_fong

Elaine Fong

Working with individuals, couples and families to address various issues including relationship conflict, marriage crisis, children’s behaviour, teenagers, family issues > more

LISTING : Elaine Fong

TEL : +852 9227 9580
EMAIL : elaine@elainefongtherapy.com
WEBSITE : elainefongtherapy.com

Mindful Wing Chun

Kung fu for inner health, self-defense, mindfulness and effortless power using the natural laws of physics; all ages > more

LISTING : Mindful Wing Chun

8/F On Lan Center, 11-15 On Lan Street, Central

TEL : +852 6620 7050
EMAIL : info@mindfulwingchun.com.hk
WEBSITE : mindfulwingchun.com.hk

Rhoda Choi

Hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist addressing self-confidence, stress and sleep; explore how past lives might affect present progress > more

LISTING : Rhoda Choi

TEL : +852 9300 8995
EMAIL : info@rhodachoi.com
WEBSITE : rhodachoi.com

Angela Hancock

Coaching through an organic nutritional program for lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes to promote long term health and happiness > more

LISTING : Angela Hancock

TEL : +852 9457 4643
EMAIL : bustaruthk@gmail.com

Valentina Tudose

Professional service to define what you want, create a plan and enhance your love life with strategies; singles and couples > more

LISTING : Valentina Tudose

TEL : +852 6472 1702
EMAIL : valentina@happyeverafter.asia
WEBSITE : happyeverafter.asia


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