This week, we are preparing for a lovely time.

Among the jackpot of events this week is the annual gathering of health and sustainability professionals from around the region and around the world for the 6th annual trade fair. News will be shared and developments debated, sparking fresh ideas and collaborations among the exhibitors as well as the visitors.

This is a special market where a diverse range of exhibitors share a common vision of prosperity in balance. We are fortunate to live in a place where it is possible to bring all of this expertise together for these few days.

Not so long ago, most businesses were on their own, connecting with each other by supporting each other for growth, promoting individual success as key to community success. Today, trade support is becoming an expected service, with local, regional and international events connecting sellers and buyers in the growing LOHAS market — lifestyle of health and sustainability. As the market expands and attracts corporate interest, that spirit of cooperation fuels its sustainable growth in the interest of balancing a healthy bottom line with a healthy society.

New local brands are tapping into increasing local interest and popping up online, at local markets, in private boutiques and on supermarket shelves. Beyond established vegetarian and chemical-free, we now are seeing specialty shops devoted to vegan, plastic-free, cruelty-free, recycled and up-cycled fair trade.

The winners are customers as we are given more options, making our conscious everyday choices easier every day.

Our responsibility is to vote with our dollars and support those who go above and beyond to make a positive impact. Keeping an organization running in this rental environment is not an easy feat. Ask Sally Andersen who founded Hong Kong Dog Rescue long before social responsibility was a talking point. With the arrival of the MTR, their Ap Lei Chau centre is facing a 100% increase in rent — an issue that has long faced local small businesses and nonprofits alike. Digital commerce provides some relief, but running costs are among the highest in the world. It takes an extra dose of passion and commitment to keep the doors open and keep moving forward.

Maybe it is because of this dynamic that our community connections are so strong. We rely on each other. We keep an eye out for each other. We introduce clients to each other. We know we are all in this together because we are guided by the same values.

We do our best by being our best.

One of the things I did forget is that I will be at the LOHAS Expo on Thursday. However, with only 1 reservation for the next SoulFood Social, it was not difficult to cancel. We will still be gathering, just a different location where I will enjoy being guest instead of host.

We will be talking about what’s new and what’s happening and what’s coming and generally having a lovely time meeting lovely people and catching up with lovely friends. While the day of love may have passed, we still have space for love this month.

As a sponsor, my preparation requires little more than clearing the calendar and getting enough rest for 3 full days of positive exchange.

How do you prepare for lovely?



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