Keeping up

This week, we are keeping up.

As usual, the first newsletter of the month is a big one with a full list of events on the community calendar to assist with your natural lifestyle.

Since the beginning, we have done our best to keep everyone up to date with what’s new and what’s on in Hong Kong and the job is getting bigger every day.

For years, HK heartbeat has kept our finger on the pulse of Hong Kong and watched new businesses come and go among our transient expatriate population while the pioneers continue to raise awareness and make positive change.

Staying in touch every week provides a unique perspective.

We are seeing changes everywhere.

The other day, when the air was particularly thick, we noticed how many people are talking about cleaning up rather than simply accepting the toxic haze as a cost of doing business. Yesterday, our own Margaret Chan at The World Health Organization reported the actual cost of air pollution in simple terms.

On the public day of the LOHAS show, the hall was packed with shopping trolleys as the lifestyle of health and sustainability takes hold among local residents who love good bargain.

Fast food companies whose customers would generally go for the cheap, processed options are adapting to change as we begin calculating the long-term medical expense of eating for less and realize our short-cut habits are costing more over time.

Government is collaborating with activists to halt the trade of shark fins and big companies are getting on board.

Shoppers rejecting the huge volume of unnecessary plastic packaging at supermarkets have decided to #trashthecheckout.

Our members who recognize the healthy growth are creating new campaigns like Wellness Week.

These are just a few of the changes we are noticing.

A quick peek at the March calendar is all that’s required to see just how many people are offering fresh options. We have included the whole month because it’s interesting to see what’s on and we haven’t even posted all of the events in our inbox.

It’s a big job, staying in touch, but it’s big fun feeling a part of the positive change happening around us every day.

Are you keeping up with us?



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Be social

Events in our community this March

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1 (6-9pm) Conscious Networking | All About You Wellness Centre | details

2 (6-9pm) Love is Wild | n i i n | details

2 (6:30-8pm) BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release | All About You Wellness Centre | details

4 (8am-8pm) Mana 5th Birthday Celebration | MANA! Cafe | details

4 (10:45am-12:45pm) Superfood Open House | i-Detox Wellness Centre | details

4 (11am-2pm) Sweat It Out | W Hotels | details

4 (2:30pm) Ayurveda for a Healthy Cycle | Learning Ayurveda | details

4 (2-4pm) WASTEWATER Bottle Art Exhibition | 100Degree | details

4-17 Science Alive 2017: This Pale Blue Dot | The British Council | details

5 (10am-4pm) Farmers Market at Home | Home | details

6 (6:30-8pm) From Everest to Hong Kong and Back | Asia Society HK | details

6 (7-8pm) Navigating Menopause | IMI – Integrated Medicine Institute | details

6 (7:30-9:30pm) MeatFree Dinner Gathering | Meat Free Hong Kong | details

7 (12:30-2pm) Eat Healthy in the Concrete Jungle | CanCham | details

7 (2:30-4:30pm) Living Well with Essential Oils | i-Detox Wellness Centre | details

8 (6:30-8:30pm) Run to Transform | CanCham | details

8 (6:15-8pm) Creating Across Cultures: Women in the Arts | Asia Society HK | details

8 (7-9pm) Unify Global Sisterhood HK | Soultrains | details

9 (2-4:30pm) Healthier Society with Healthier Technology | Consulate General of Finland no link | details

9 (6:30pm) A 22,000 Year Journey through Climate Change | The Royal Geographical Society HK | details

10-12 Garden Gathering | Soultrains | details

11 (9:45am-2:45pm) Saturday Farming | Growing Smart | details

11 (11am-6pm) The Repulse Bay Wellness 360 Fair | Wellness 360 Consultancy | details

11 (12-1:45pm) Homemade Vegan Hotpot Lunch | Vgirls Club | details

11 (12:15-1:30pm) Better Belly 101 | Kinesiology Asia | details

12 (10am-6pm) City Organic Day | Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre | details

12 (11am-12:30pm) Qigong Yin & Live Music | The Yoga Room | details

12 (11:30am-6pm) Kindness Mats 3.0 | ImpactHK | details

12 (4-6pm) Full Moon Pipe Ceremony | Queena Chan | details

13 (4-5:45pm) Charging For Municipal Solid Waste | CanCham | details

13 (7:30-9:30pm) Meditation Group Practice | HK Insight Meditation Society | details

13 (6:30-8pm) The Other Hundred Educators | Asia Society HK | details

14 (7:30-9:50pm) Political Authority | HK Philosophy Café | details

15 (6:30-8:30pm) Visualize with Success | Little Alchemy | details

15 (7-8:30pm) DIY Raindrop Therapy | i-Detox Wellness Centre | details

15 (7:30pm) The Purpose of Life | Kabbalah Centre Hong Kong | details

15 (7:30-9pm) Awakening of Love | All About You Wellness Centre | details

16 (12:30-2pm) Women’s Health: A Call to Action | Asia Society HK | details

16 (6:30pm) Helicoptering Africa | The Royal Geographical Society HK | details

17 (12:30-2pm) Homeopathy for New Mums and Babies | IMI – Integrated Medicine Institute | details

17 (7-8:30pm) One Love Concert | Red Doors Studio | details

19 (9:30am-1:30pm) Green Sense Charity Hike | Green Sense | details

19 (10am-5pm) Tarot Workshop | The Sanctuary | details

21-29 (10am-4pm) How to Live Happily Every Day | Buddhist Door | details

22 (6:45-8:15pm) Be Your Best Self at Work | Shan Foo | details

22 (7-8:30pm) Reviewing HK’s Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan | Green Drinks | details

23 (8am-6pm) Business as a Catalyst for Change | The Economist | details

23 – 11 May (10:30am-12:30pm) Positive Discipline | Dr Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice | details

23 (6:30-8pm) Social Media is Killing Art | Intelligence Squared Asia | details

25-26 (10am-5pm) Spiritual Guidance Workshop | The Sanctuary | details

25 (2:30-5pm) Parent & Child Mindfulness | Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio | details

25 (8:30pm) Earth Hour 2017 – For A Solar Powered City | WWF Hong Kong | details

26 (11:15am-5pm) Shap Long Beach Cleanup | Eco Marine | details

30 (9am-6pm) Personal Communication Workshop | Team Building Asia | details

30 (7-8pm) Homeopathy for New Mums and Babies | IMI – Integrated Medicine Institute | details

31 March -2 April Awakening of Love | Pia Muggerud | details

Coming up

June 23-24 Evolution – Asia Yoga Conference

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Meet some of our members

i-Detox Wellness Centre – Wellness education centre, progressive health food shop and urban detox consultancy integrating holistic nutrition, functional medicine, naturopathy for healthy living > details – Home delivery of fresh vegetables & fruit, free-range hormone antibiotic-free, grass-fed meat and eggs > details

Stanley Wellness Centre – Integrative clinic offering allied health disciplines treating newborns to elderly, including pre and antenatal care, sports injuries and chronic conditions > details

Hersha Chellaram – Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher Trainer; Yoga and meditation classes for beginners to advanced including special needs students > details

La Cabane Wine Cellar & Bistro – Natural, biodynamic, non-interventionist, low sulphite wines and fine foods sourced directly from small producers in France and the new world > details

Buteyko Breathing Asia – Senior Buteyko Practitioner; Learn a series of breathing exercises and understand how breathing relates to your sleeping, eating, exercise, lifestyle and postural habits > details

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From the directory

HK Organic Resource Centre – Local certification body to facilitate development of organic farming > details

Arden Wong Natural Medicine Centre – Classical homeopathy, natural medicine, courses, books, products > details

Food For Life – Omega oils, detox kits, healthy snacks and household products > details

Organic Plus – Groceries, baby items and household products; online shopping > details

FLOW Wellness – Wellness Coach; Wellness coaching and customized yoga classes > details

SisuGirls Hong Kong – Providing activities to empower girls with strength of will and rational action > details

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