Lantau Health & Wellness Expo

Enjoy a day beach side with local health and wellness businesses & professionals.

DATE : Saturday 6 May 2017
TIME : 10am-5pm
PRICE : Free
PLACE : Mavericks
ADDRESS : Treasure Island, Pui O Beach, South Lantau, Lantau Island
ORGANIZER : Lantau Health & Wellness
CONTACT : Caroline Cadoret
TEL : +852 9827 9911
DETAILS : event details

Meet local health and wellness practitioners, personal trainers, bodyworkers, eco-conscious businesses and others to find out what they offer.

The expo will include stalls, demonstrations/classes and guest speakers.

Bodywork: massage, sports therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, Bowen Therapy, physio, healing …
Fitness: pilates, yoga, personal training, dance …
Nutrition: dietitians, nutritionists, fermenting, supplements …
Products: aromatherapy oils, supplements, fermenting equipment, fitness equipment …
Environment: conservation, clean beaches, plastic free …

We look forward to seeing you there in support of PALS.

PALS - Protection Of Animals Lantau South

Meet our participants

Mavericks Bar & Restaurant

Mavericks Bar & Restaurant (host and event sponsor)

Chef Neil is pulling out all the stops to prepare a delicious buffet spread of Paleo food.

Mavericks Bar & Restaurant Mavericks Bar & Restaurant Mavericks Bar & Restaurant

Treasure Island

Treasure Island (host and event sponsor)

The team at Treasure Island will offer outdoor activities to introduce their new Family Adventure Pass to get the family out and about in the community in our own backyard.

Treasure Island

Caroline Cadoret - Kremer Method

Caroline Cadoret – Kremer Method

Caroline arrived in Pui O from the UK with a background working with elite and professional sports people. The Kremer Method is her gentle approach to recovery from acute and chronic pain to accelerate recovery and enhance overall wellbeing. Combining Bowen Therapy with Just Breathe and Evans Alignment offers an effective and unique wellbeing toolbox to ensure relief from debilitating pain.

Dr Katie T Larson

Dr Katie T Larson, PhD – GrowthQuests

Dr Katie T Larson, is a Transformative Depth Coach bringing the joys of creativity, stories and play into self-development. A courageous explorer of inner and outer worlds, she has traveled the globe gathering unique and universal aspects of how our life journeys unfold. She will speak about how applying the powerful mythological framework of the Hero’s Journey to your life can bring about meaning, connection and purpose with tools for all ages.

Village House Natural Soaps and Skincare Products

Village House Natural Soaps and Skincare Products

Donna Mah makes a small range of natural products including handmade cold process soaps, facial oils and soothing balms with no SLS, parabens or petrochemicals and no fussy packaging. All products are naturally scented with essential oils or unscented) and coloured using natural ingredients like bamboo charcoal, clays, coffee and teas.

Village House Natural Soaps and Skincare Products

Hannah Kremer - HK Fitness

Hannah Kremer – HK Fitness

Originally from the UK, operates a private studio in Tong Fuk and leads outdoor and indoor small group classes in various South Lantau locations. Achieve your personal health and fitness goals of gaining strength, training for a specific sports event, self-esteem and mental health, weight loss or maintaining of current fitness levels. HK Fitness Studio takes a realistic, holistic approach including fitness and nutrition by creating a lifestyle change with the balance to make it a sustainable part of everyday life.

Claire Graham

Claire Graham

Claire is a gifted and talented Psychic Medium. Claire has been described as providing “unbelievable advice & enlightening guidance”, “given clarity & insight” and being “sensitive yet powerful” She will be provide free 10 minute mini readings (or a small donation to the our event charity PALS) and signup to the email list.

Natalia Ignatieva

Natalia Ignatieva

Natalia is a passionate Yoga Teacher who has regularly practiced yoga for more than 15 years, combining Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga techniques. Natalia has completed Hatha Yoga Spiritual Program at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, and the 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Master Yogananth Andiappan at Anahata Yoga (International Yoga Academy) in Hong Kong. She serves as volunteer for Andiappan Yoga Community and Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong.

Sarah Armstrong - Cambridge Weight Plan

Sarah Armstrong

For many of us, managing our weight is a complex, emotional challenge and one that is difficult to do alone. Cambridge Weight Plan consultants provide offer free weekly one-to-one support sessions and a structured diet plan of meal replacements with high nutritional standards and healthy food, based around your health, lifestyle and dietary needs.

Sarah Armstrong - Cambridge Weight Plan Sarah Armstrong - Cambridge Weight Plan


Hannah Chung is currently on a zero waste challenge; she seeks eco-alternatives and green solutions for everyday living while aiming to achieve zero waste within one year.


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