7’s Recycling Rewards

Reverse Vending at Hong Kong Rugby 7s

The interactive recycling machines collect used plastic beverage containers and reward users with coupons or loyalty points / carbon credits based on shape recognition.

The machine is located at stand 104.

I will be there from 230pm onwards Saturday and from 330pm Sunday. My number is 6908-8015 if anyone is looking for me. Thanks! Eric Swinton

This is a new chapter for Hong Kong and a step closer to improving the collection and recycling of valuable reusable resources.

Find out more : EcoMedia

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Reverse Vending Machines in Hong Kong
Andy Ho has been working tirelessly and selflessly for the past 10 years installing reverse vending machines (RVM) at universities and educational institutions, waiting patiently for the right moment to launch RVMs on a larger scale.


The RVM machine is located at stand 104
The RVM machine is located at stand 104


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