This week, we are all natural.

When I first started HK heartbeat and was thinking of how to describe the concept, it was not a difficult decision. At the time, everything popular was tech and new.

Wikipedia had just launched and the iPod was born.

Shiny, new, convenient — it was a time of pimpin’ phat, dope bling bling.

I chose natural to describe heartbeat because it was the opposite of that.

We had moved so far away from nature that most of us knew not where anything in our home actually came from, much less who made it or how it got here and no one really cared about what would happen after we threw it out.

Today, as it becomes another buzzword, natural has become meaningless.

When I use the word, I mean its essence — that which is as close as possible to its original form — less processing, less production, less transportation, less hype, more substance.

Technology has now evolved to the point were inventors look to nature for inspiration. Robots are designed like bees. Planes are inspired by birds.

We like to rely upon nature as a universal set of laws — kinda like physics.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What goes up must come down. There is no there, we’re all here.

Trees just grow. Flowers just bloom. Rivers just flow. Stars just shine. Clouds just rain. Breezes just blow.

When making choices, nature offers a simple guide.

Nature doesn’t react, she gathers information and responds.

Nature does not waste or profit — she just is and she is always enough.

A quick look at the calendar is all you need to get out and enjoy some of nature’s teachings this weekend.

Are you natural?



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“Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.” Standing Bear

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6-14 Serve-a-thon | Hands On Network | details

12 (7-8pm) Full Moon Quartz Crystal Bowls Sound Bath | Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio | details

13 (9am-6pm) Boat Field Trip to Tung Ping Chau | The Royal Geographical Society HK | details

13-14 (9am-5:30pm) Rising Goddess Retreat | Pure Potential Worldwide | details

13-14 (9am-4pm) Flourish | dragonfly | details

13-14 (9am-9pm) IRIS: Your Escape | Hybrid Group | details

16 (7:30-9:30pm) Welcome to Rooftop Gardening | Growing Smart | details

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