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The July Calendar

UPDATED: 30 July 2017

(12-1:45pm) Is Hong Kong taking its water for granted? | AmCham | details

(7:30-10pm) Pop Up Private Kitchen by Lola | Locofama | details

(6:30pm) Circumnavigating the Middle Sea | The Royal Geographical Society HK | details

(7-9pm) Chair Yoga, Meditation and Food for Heart Health | Pause / SOL Wellness | details

(8-9pm) Ancient Medicine from the Amazon Jungle | Pawel | details

(3-6pm) Eat, Pray, Art | Accidental Art | details

(6-8pm) Casual Vegan Dinner | Vgirls Club | details

(2:30pm) Vegan Lunch at Veggie Family | Meat Free Hong Kong | details

(3-7pm) Celebrating 5 Years | Grassroots Pantry | details

11 (7:30-9:50pm) Authentic Trust | HK Philosophy Café | details

12 (7-8:30pm) The True Value of Natural Resources | Green Drinks | details

13 (5:30-7:30pm) Modern Slavery: Global Issue, Local Response | Credit Suisse | details

15 (10:45am–12:45pm) DIY Natural Personal Care and Cleaning Products | i-Detox Wellness Centre | details

15 (11:45am-1:30pm) Vegan Lunch Meetup | Meat Free Hong Kong | details

17 (6:30pm) Lessons for the Planet from the HK Countryside | The Royal Geographical Society HK | details

19 (12:30-2pm) The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace | Asia Society HK | details

24 (7:30pm) Buffet Meetup | Meat Free Hong Kong | details

27 (6:30pm) In Search of China’s Ancient Capital | The Royal Geographical Society HK | details

27 (7-8:30pm) Exploring the Wonders of Oysters | Green Drinks | details

29 (8am-1pm) Nature & Forest Therapy Guided Walk | Kembali | details

29 (2:30-4:30pm) Raw Vegan Lunch Meetup | Meat Free Hong Kong | details

More to come …

August 18-19 Brownfield Asia Summit
August 30-1 September Natural & Organic Products Asia
November 17 AIDS Concern Gala Dinner

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