Moving forward

This week we are moving forward.

Taking a day of rest after a night of moon-gazing, we are getting ready to kick into high gear to support the change that is happening right now.

Mangkut had a much bigger impact than originally stated, with images arriving from around Hong Kong highlighting the extent of the damage done to our home. The loss of trees has highlighted attention to illegal development and we have been asked to keep an eye out for developers taking advantage of the situation and clearing land without permission.

Be inspired by our volunteers taking charge and cleaning up debris from our coastlines and countryside. It’s easy with our updated schedule and everyone is welcome. Lisa Christensen is back in town heading up the annual HK Cleanup campaign and available to manage sponsored corporate cleanups.

This super typhoon has inspired a number of initiatives looking for our support. Gary Stokes is taking the lead to encourage HK to ban polystyrene in his new online petition whille Peggy Chan is rounding up fellow foodies and asking for support to promote local processing of plant-based plastic packaging. Watch for Eric Swinton in your neighborhood with his VCYCLE 10 Tonne Challenge, collecting plastic bottles to recycle into tote bags and provide employment in the process.

Making headlines is our very own David Yeung, founder of Green Common and Green Monday, who was recognized as a “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” today by the World Economic Forum for his determination to spread plant-based foods to the planet in a big way. Meatfree Monday was launched here in 2009 and Meatfree Hong Kong is still growing strong with regular vegan and vegetarian community meet ups.

The vegan movement has caught fire in Hong Kong and we saw lots of interesting products at IRIS Your Escape in Central over the weekend. It was great to enjoy a time out with everyone and meet some new arrivals. We have plans to get more involved in the next edition … watch this space.

How do you support natural everyday options?


Everything is connected.
Listen to your own heartbeat.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

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Author: Kinzie

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