The original natural network

HK heartbeat was born on 21 October 2001 as a simple text email from Kinzie in response to requests from friends and colleagues looking for things like yoga and meditation and spelt. The result, a few months later, was the birth of a idea to feed a growing appetite for natural options. We started by sharing fresh content and local connections by email every week with our small but active and influential community and the Natural Hong Kong Directory was launched in 2003.

The network has grown steadily and quietly, connecting people who meet in the real world. Today, the HK heartbeat community is a dynamic network and home to thousands of individuals and organizations making a difference.

In addition to staying in touch and providing regular member updates, the business:

+ Promotes local professionals, companies and volunteer organizations
+ Encourages personal growth, responsible social development and active public engagement
+ Supports positive action by connecting members to encourage sharing, collaboration and cooperation
+ Shares member events, including annual gatherings, ongoing programs and special celebrations
+ Curates and distributes information via the website, social media channels and community partnerships
+ Produces and publishes a range of publications to raise awareness and spark conscious everyday choices

Membership is available by invitation and on request. Approved members invite their trusted connections into the private social network where we stay in touch, support each other and share authentic content with the public.

HK heartbeat is an online platform for real world connections where people share information and exchange ideas for positive change. Our members share a common understanding that everything is connected. We are committed to reducing waste and over-consumption and making choice that are healthy for our mind, body, spirit with a respect for all life.  100% managed by 1 human, this online community is dedicated to our environmental and social values.

+ We are making our world a better place today for future generations.
+ We are leaders in our communities, workplaces, neighborhoods and families.
+ We share a common desire to make the best use of our time, energy, resources.

Advertisers and sponsors, network members, are forward-thinking companies who recognize the value of engaging authentically with loyal customers contribute to positive change by sharing their message in the form of value-added content marketing.

In our world of social enterprise, corporate responsibility, healthy living and conscious choices, we share a passion for sustainable decisions. Our members are allergic to fear-based hype and green washing.

We create and curate and connect and collaborate and share, supporting individuals with an emphasis on privacy and promote businesses who share our values and appreciate our hand-crafted services. We share insights and content with the public and raise awareness about the exciting positive changes our members are contributing to our world.

— Vision : Prosperity in balance
— Mission : Promote conscious everyday choices
— Founder : Kinzie — pioneering natural life in the fast lane
— Services : newsletter, calendar, directory, listings and features
— Values : responsible, accountable, authentic, simple, open, direct, efficient

We share a …

* Desire to connect
* Curiosity to explore
* Willingness to learn
* Willingness to share
* Open heart
* Open mind

We agree to …

* Seek our own truth
* Be respectful of others
* Support personal growth
* Show compassion
* Contribute
* Be kind