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Connect and collaborate with the natural business community, gain local and regional market insights and access our network of business leaders to grow your business in Hong Kong and beyond … naturally.

Business membership is available by application

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“Thanks for your great support, It really does feel good to be so warmly welcomed into the natural and organic community. I feel sure that this is just the beginning of a fantastic journey.” Stuart Bailey, Diversified Communications

Diversified Communications HK (Natural and Organic Products Asia) … read more

Business membership benefits

  • Collaboration with business members
  • Introduction to HK’s original natural community
  • Post to our social media followers with a link to your ad
  • Welcome in email newsletter with a link to your listing
  • Introduction in our Facebook group and on Twitter

Production & Services

  • Content-rich integrated, marketing programs
  • Fees include production and copy for your approval
  • Original materials created with our members in mind
  • Promo codes for special offers to members and followers
  • Directory permalink with no external ads on your listing
  • Listings are posted within 2 business days of payment
  • Features are researched and prepared within 7 days

Membership is available by application — apply now