Business Membership Options

Founded in 2001, HK heartbeat is a private local network of industry leaders, business owners, corporate executives, government officials, wellness professionals, creative visionaries, innovative entrepreneurs, spiritual advisors, scientists, academics, activists, coaches, counselors, teachers, moms and many others who share our commitment to a healthy future for generations to come.

We connect and collaborate and share what we’ve learned for positive change … naturally.

“I have enjoyed being with you all these years. It is good to know that you are there. I can’t imagine Hong Kong without you!” Christel Wilk, Founder, Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre

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Business membership options

Paid Business Membership

  • ListedPlus : basic directory listing (basic – with website + email address)
  • Professional : directory listing (standard/individual name) + credits
  • SME : directory listing (standard/company name) + promotions
  • Company : directory listing (premium/company name) + feature

Promotion Services

Additional benefits

  • Save on published digital advertising rates
  • Extend special offers to our personal members
  • Host a product launch or special event for your business

Business membership is available by application.

Business membership benefits

Original campaigns tailored for our active local community

Business business members receive a bundle of advertising credits that can be used to promote natural products, services and programs to the active natural Hong Kong community.

  • Advertise with content marketing designed for our audience
  • Create original materials to attract attention in our community
  • Tell your story in words and pictures to add value and interest
  • Production (design and copywriting for approval) is included
  • All promotions are shared on our social media channels
  • Reach active local media (editors, journalists, bloggers)

In order to provide our audience with authentic content, all digital promotional materials are produced for approval in-house on our templates. This save our advertisers time and money, while assuring engagement with our community.

In addition to the credits included in your membership, members save 25% on all digital advertising rates.

“Thanks for your great support, It really does feel good to be so warmly welcomed into the natural and organic community. I feel sure that this is just the beginning of a fantastic journey.” Stuart Bailey, General Manager, Diversified Communications Hong Kong (Natural and Organic Products Asia)

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“HK heartbeat – natural life in the fast line, was a market first in Hong Kong and has done a fantastic job in providing a one stop platform that connects sustainable and organically focused businesses to ecologically concerned individuals in Hong Kong. Sustainability here is now hot, but it has taken many years to embed it into Hong Kong psyche and HK heartbeat’s newsletter has helped with that.” Ciara Shannon

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