Thinking little

In my former life as a television executive, I remember a conversation with the international programming directors at Discovery Networks and the National Geographic Channel at the ’96 (more…)

Actual reality

Streets are crowded as players emerge from indoors as if for the first time, attached to a device that leads them mindlessly through city streets, blissfully unaware of (more…)


When we choose a healthy, balanced, natural lifestyle, we begin to recognize how closely everything is connected. We keep our space clean, our air clean and our water (more…)


Tension built up over time will eventually result in a release of energy. Instead of facing massive damage like the Nepal earthquake, humans have some say over how (more…)

A gift for Buddha

In celebration of Buddha’s Birthday, I invite you to share my vision for our city’s bright future. Consider that every one of our buildings, roads, parks and public works (more…)