Start fresh

This week we are feeling fresh. Starting the year with lots of broken links in the email newsletter last week meant starting this week with an apology to (more…)


This week, it’s first things first. It’s the first newsletter of the new year and I am predicting another year of positive change in Hong Kong and beyond. (more…)


This week, we are looking back. In these final days of 2016, we reflect on a year filled with positive change. Watching the annual corporate media round-ups, we (more…)


This week, we are spreading joy. Families are gathering, friends are connecting, colleagues are celebrating and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. While we might slip into stress (more…)


This week, we are thinking about gifts. I cannot count the number of times I have seen requests for gift ideas in my social media feeds this week. (more…)


This week, we are celebrating family. Like most of us, my experience with the people who raised me has changed dramatically over time. They were my entire world (more…)


This week, we are wrapping it up and getting ready. Even though the calendar has not yet flipped over to December, we are already bombarded with special offers (more…)


This week, we are connecting. Given what’s happening on our social media feeds right now, one would be forgiven for believing that an election has more impact than (more…)

Just vote

This week, we are ready to vote. It seems hard to believe 8 years have passed since we witnessed a significant change on the world stage. Back then, (more…)


This week, there are plenty of options. Sometimes I wonder whether there is really that much more happening in Hong Kong or our HK heartbeat community is a (more…)


This week, it’s time to commit. On Saturday, we gathered at Metta with a few friends to celebrate our Fifteen years of HK heartbeat. My personal life took (more…)


This week, we are sharing a purpose. Since writing last week, I have been blessed with warm thoughts and kind words from friends and colleagues and family as (more…)


This week, we are living in today. I am writing to you from the land of my birth near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada — more than 10,000km from Hong (more…)

Seeing balance

This week, we are seeing balance. As the sun was setting with magnificent shades orange and pink over the mountains this evening, we realized the colors are coming (more…)

Global village

This week, we are supporting each other. The majority of local businesses offering natural products and services are small enterprises and one-or-two-person operations. We all started out small and (more…)

Thinking little

This week, we are thinking little. In my former life as a television executive, I remember a conversation with the international programming directors at Discovery Networks and the (more…)

Take a minute

This week, we are appreciating storms. Sometimes, we need a little outside help to take a break from the routine. Our thoughts and habits become second nature when (more…)


This week, we are in this together. When we choose a healthy, balanced, natural lifestyle, we begin to recognize how closely everything is connected. We keep our space clean, (more…)