Community Sponsorship Program

We are grateful to the many volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to support positive change, whether it is cleaning a beach, helping the homeless, reducing waste, clearing the air, preserving heritage, protecting the environment or raising awareness with constructive solutions for a variety of social issues facing those less fortunate than we are.

With every booking, we sponsor a listing of equal value that appears in our calendar, directory, newsletter and our print publications and we feature community campaigns you can support.

The Community Sponsorship Program is our way of sharing our success with our community.

Individuals and businesses are welcome to participate and share the love.

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Thanks for kind effort in networking and spreading the positive news to wider communities.” Idy Wong

Idy Wong, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden | read more

Individuals and businesses are invited to sponsor a listing or contribute to our success.

Community Sponsorship Program

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