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We keep Hong Kong up to date with what’s new and what’s on … naturally.

Our curated listings include a balance of editorial, sponsored and paid advertisements to provide a range of options for our readers while offering an easy and affordable way for anyone to reach our active natural lifestyle network of customers, leaders, professionals, executives and key opinion leaders.

Editorial (not guaranteed)

– all approved submissions will be considered for editorial content
– email, website and external links (eg social media) are not included
– links to curated editorial listings may be included in the email newsletter

Paid/Sponsored (subject to approval)

– prepared for your approval within 2 days of payment
– posted as booked on the website with a link in the email newsletter
– includes email address, website or other external links (eg social media)
– links to Featured Post or Promotion upgrades are included where published

In addition to website exposure, each listing is shared widely on our social media channels.

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