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Loved this newsletter and the good message you send.”

Teresa Norton, member since 2001 … read more

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The HK heartbeat weekly newsletter keeps everyone up to date with what’s new and what’s on in Hong Kong. Each issue features upcoming events and a insights from Kinzie — share the love.

Sent: June 19, 2006 10:02 PM
Subject: Wow
Hi Kinzie,
What a writing gift you have.
Each time I read your pieces they are so inspired.
When is your book going to be published? You need to share your special wisdom with millions more.
Keep up the great work.
Take care,

Lynda Aurora

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I have been subscribing to your newsletters only recently and I want to thank you for your latest newsletter which I found very moving, I recognized myself entirely in it and, well, it was very well written indeed. Well done! And thank you. All the best,

Caroline … read more

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