May 2018

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Established in 2001, HK heartbeat is your go-to guide for everything natural in Hong Kong. From acupuncture to zero-waste, we’ve got something for everyone when you’re ready to make balanced everyday choices.

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Updated 4-May-18

The May calendar is in production — get your updates here.

5 (9am-5pm) Lean in to Love | Live to Thrive Yoga | event details

12 (10:30am-3pm) Sound and Healing | Shakti Healing Circle | event details

13 (10:30am-6pm) Akashic Access | Shakti Healing Circle | event details

Coming up

June 8-11 Evolution РAsia Yoga Conference

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May HK harbourfront tent

Rest well, Dad. You deserve it. 92 years is a very good run and you made the most of it right up to the end. And you did a pretty good thing bringing me into our world. We have so many wonderful memories. I choose those. #family #love
Donald Francis Kinzie (25 February 1926 – 29 March 2018) Thanks for the genes. #family #gonefishing

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