Pioneers of natural Hong Kong

15 years is a long time in Hong Kong — particularly in the world of wellness and sustainability.

To mark the 15th anniversary of HK heartbeat I am proud to introduce the pioneers of natural Hong Kong.

HK heartbeat started as a weekly email newsletter with a calendar of upcoming events and listing of local professionals, businesses and organizations offering natural products, services and programs in Hong Kong.

On Monday 22 October 2001, I announced my new initiative to connect the local HK natural lifestyle community.

Fifteen years later, the community has grown to more than 8,000 members with a growing awareness about the impact our daily choices have on our personal health and the health of our environment.

Here are the members who have been with us from the beginning … naturally.

Meet the pioneers of natural Hong Kong

action > families services

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation – Providing education, health care, social opportunities and vocational training to disadvantaged children that many of us take for granted

animal welfare > veterinary services

The Ark Veterinary Hospital – Dr Kylie Griffin, Veterinarian; Full services from examinations, vaccinations and surgical procedures to grooming, supplies and accessories

Valley Veterinary Centre – Dr Lloyd Kenda, Veterinarian; Providing full medical, diagnostic and surgical facilities; house calls available

business to business > consulting

Connections Unlimited – Kinzie, Holistic Busines Consultant; Founder and publisher of heartbeat offering business support including social networks, community building, media training, communications, promotions, advertising and event support

Anne Copeland – Sustainability Advisor; Environmental and social risk management and due diligence, sustainability strategy development, management and reporting and stakeholder engagement and training

business to business > organizations

ASrIA – Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia – Non profit, membership association promoting corporate responsibility and sustainable investment practice

business to business > training

Chris Lonsdale & Associates Ltd – Professional business training programs

children & families > activities

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation – Charity providing non-competitive arts experiences for young people aged 5 to 25, encouraging self-expression and building self-esteem

Waldorf School Foundation – Educational renewal: child consultancy, extra-curricula courses, parenting, personal enhancement, art of Eurythmy, teacher training, forming a new school

children & families > schools

Wembley Kindergarten – English speaking international kindergarten with children’s yoga incorporated into the curriculum for a nurturing, well-integrated caring environment.

communities > conservation

Living Lamma – Established to address the degradation of natural beauty and village character; concrete, metal fences, construction waste dumping on agricultural land

creative expression > activities

Roz Keep – Artist; Sketch Treks in nature with full day of drawing, tuition and lunch for anyone who likes or would like to drawsketchpaint along with quiet time

Drum Jam – Kumi Masunaga, Professional Drummer; Drum jam team building and corporate events, school programs, birthday parties, live performance, African drum classes, free community activities

creative expression > centres

Hong Kong Arts Centre – Arts and culture incubator offering a wide range of programs; cinema, theatres, galleries, classrooms, studios and restaurants

dining > vegetarian

Bookworm Café – Organic vegetarian and vegan cafe with second hand books and Wi-Fi internet

Green Living Education Foundation – Serving Chinese vegetarian dishes using local produce and hosting community events with Simon Chau

MANA! Fast Slow Food – Serving healthy, organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw fast food in an eco-friendly and responsible manner; gluten-free flatbreads, raw desserts

exercise > dance

Oasis Dance Centre – Mey Jen Tillyer, Dance Teacher; Qualified instruction; Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Hawaiian, Gypsy, Flamenco, Indian, Tribal Fusion; hen nights, kids’ parties, performances, corporate events, costumes

exercise > pilates

Beth Narain – Personal Trainer; Combining Pilates and Callanetics for definition and body shaping; pre-natal and post-natal training available

One Pilates Studio – Integrated fitness & exercise therapy with individual or group sessions

groups > associations & societies

Hong Kong Vegan Association – Regular meetings and sharing information on veganism/vegetarianism and local restaurants.

home > residences

The Helena May – Promoting the welfare of women and girls in Hong Kong with member activities, board, lodging and club amenities in since 1916

home & office > clean water

AcquaVibe – Water filtration system using natural pressure without electricity; eliminating impurities in the body, adding trace minerals and balancing pH

Mind Body (Asia) Limited – Water treatment system, water dispensers and purification system for household and commercial use including reverse osmosis systems

intuitive arts > centres

Lightworkers Center – Personal development centre hosting international teachers offering workshops

Luminus Link – Caroline Surwati, Healing services centre

Reflections – Bookshop & Resource Center – Spiritual and inspirational books, CDs, angel items; spiritual motivational seminars and workshops; spiritual guidance, readings, energy healing

SoHolistic Centre – Mind, body and spirit healing centre

Wholeness Healing & Training Centre – Krize & Wyman-Dana Chow, Energy Coaches; Energy center for crystal healing, Usui/ Karuna reiki, Family Constellation, hypnosis, NLP, psychic reading, crystal energy feng shui

intuitive arts > services > healing

Rosina Maria Arquati – TCM Practitioner; Bereavement counsellor, animal communication workshops, psychic readings, healing, Usui Karuna Reiki master, Sekhem master, house blessings clearings and crystals

Frederick Stander – Holistic Hypnotherapist & Wellness counsellor; Self-discovery and healing in your personal and professional life

Yvonne Stander – Intuitive Healer; Spirit Releasement Therapy – multi-dimensional cellular healing

intuitive arts > services > readings

Sravaniya DiPecoraro – Astrological consultant, Medium, Yogi; Using western psychological astrology, tarot, numerology and I Ching; since 1992; YA500 yoga teacher conducting philosophy courses and certification

Peter Fan – Healing with a combination of modalities learned over 20 years; addressing physical and emotional diseases, relationships, finance, career and others

Jenny Kakulu Kam – Applied Kinesiologist, Tarot Reader & Life Empowerment Navigator; Psycho/health kinesiology therapy, horoscope analysis, tarot readings, DNA recoding, pendulum response therapy, light-body alignment & eternal healing light activation

Kathryn Ma – Psychic Reader; Focusing on the present and the future in all realms of your life in fluent English and Cantonese

Chris Taylor – Clairvoyant, Healer & Spiritual Teacher; One on one sessions in person, by phone or email, group sessions, workshops, classes and seminars

mindfulness > centres

The Art of Living Foundation Hong Kong – Educational service non-profit organization founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to provide the Art of Living Course

Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong – Non-profit organization with meditation and Buddhism practical studies programs for all levels of interest and experience

mindfulness > movement meditation

Osho Information Center Hong Kong – Shreya, Meditation activities and groups; books and meditative music/discourse CDs by Osho

personal support > centres

ReSource The counselling Centre – Multicultural and multilingual centre serving the community over 35 years offering confidential and professional counselling with affordable sliding scale fee

personal support > coaches

Angela Spaxman – Career & Leadership Coach; Career change and leadership development coaching and assessment with managers, professionals and business people looking for more success and fulfillment

personal support > counsellors

Deborah Chan – Teacher counsellor; Discovering and exploring unconscious behavior, psychological patterns, and dreams; voice dialogue facilitator in the psychology of selves; Reiki master.

Catriona Rogers – counsellor and Coach; Personal counselling, coaching, change facilitation on issues relating to self, relationships and workplace

personal support > hypnotherapy

Dr Melanie Bryan – Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Coach; Hypnosis and/or therapy for smoking, weight, fears, relationship conflicts, anxiety, infidelity, anger, insomnia, relocation/career dilemmas

resources > local resources

Civic Exchange – An independent, non-profit, public policy think tank

resources > publications

Blacksmith Books – Pete Spurrier, China-related non-fiction biography, business, culture, current affairs, food, photography and travel books. Founder, Pete Spurrier is the author of the Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong series.

resources > websites

Graham Player – Cancer Coach; Retired practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in Acupuncture, since 1979; reference and talks

services > services > feng shui

Chau’s Chinese Geomancy – Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing, Feng Shui Master; Feng shui consultation, tuition & seminars in English & Cantonese

Raymond Ho – Feng Shui Master; Gurdjieff, Enneagram, Ouspenski, Sacred Geometry and sacred knowledge

Raymond Lo – Feng Shui Consultant; Destiny Analysis, I Ching Oracle forecasts, tuition and seminars in English and Cantonese

Kenneth Luk – Feng Shui Master; Feng shui, nutrition, workshops.classes, integrated healthcare, crystals & jewelry, crystal healings

shopping > aromatherapy supplies

Essential Energy Aromatherapy – Agent for Essential Energy Aromatherapy wild and organic oils, Martina Gebhardt Organic Skincare from Germany and Back to Nature Aromatherapy

Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy – Therapeutic grade essential oils, carrier oils, creams, gels and accessories; professional training courses and workshops; holistic treatments by qualified therapists

Earth Girl Creations – Shireen Calucin, Holistic Aromatherapist / Botanical Perfumer; Custom blended skincare, natural botanical perfumes & pet remedies; individually blended for people & pets, workshops; professional aromatherapy diploma courses

shopping > books & music

bookazine – A comprehensive collection of popular local and international natural lifestyle books and magazines

shopping > clothing & accessories > jewelry & crystals

Baer Jewels – Natural crystals and gemstones set in gold, platinum and silver; energetic cleaning of stones and jewelry, commissions

shopping > health care products

Plantologie – Natural health care centre carrying organic & bio-dynamic products; therapeutic treatments including classical homeopathy & Traditional Chinese Medicine

shopping > health foods

Health Essential – Organic, natural, chemical-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free health and whole foods for diabetics, vegans and vegetarians; fair trade foods, organic wines

Welspring – Wellness center and shop; natural, organic, gluten free, fair trade, vegetarian and raw foods, supplements, personal care and household items

shopping > personal care & cosmetics

Herbal Bliss – Ophelia Chan, Lecturer Author; Internationally-certified organic local skincare brand supporting small distillers, herbal and aroma-therapeutic companies

shopping > specialty shops

Kinzie – Designer; Original handmade designs created to express beauty, share love and conserve natural resources

time out > renewal retreats

Health Oasis Resort – Health programs, fasting and colon cleansing, liver, asthma, smoking; vegetarian macrobiotic food; yoga, massage, herbal steam, Reiki; beachfront fan/aircon bungalows

wellness care > centres

Central Healing – Natural pain relief through manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation; osteopathy, pilates, yoga, massage therapy

City Osteopathy – Treatment of chronic pain, sports related, repetitive strain injuries, pregnancy related health conditions and children’s issues; Craniosacral therapy, Pilates

Optimum Health Centre – Natural health centre offering homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic and colon hydrotherapy

Integrated Medicine Institute – Carole Bradshaw, Integrated medicine, natural and herbal dispensary; naturopathy, homeopathy, TCM, osteopathy, chiropractic, family medicine, medical testing, psychotherapy, counselling and holistic therapy

Dr Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice – Medical practice combining modern medicine with traditional treatments and therapies; workshops and talks

Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre – Classes and private sessions teaching Nei Gong (an internal Qi Gong) to integrate body and mind; free trial class.

wellness care > chiropractic care

The Chiropractic Centre – Dr Barry Decker, Chiropractor; Low force wellness based family chiropractic services

wellness care > eastern therapies

Gianna Buonocore – Registered TCM Practitioner – Acupuncture; Clinics at Integrated Medicine Institute and Matilda Medical Centre; teaching at Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy

Mike Fung – Shaman & Healer; Qigong energy healing specializing in serious illnesses including cancers, stroke, arthritis and more; training for health and fitness

Mineralysis – Clair Beardson, TCM Practitioner; Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to identify mineral imbalances and toxic elements; TCM and nutritional advice based on the results

Health-Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy – Troy Sing, Chinese Medicine Practitioner; Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, acupressure, gua sha and cupping) for internal medicine, reproductive health and sports recoveryTraditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, acupressure, g

Dr Cecilia The – Chinese Medicine Practitioner; Cecilia obtained her medical degree at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre – Classes and private sessions teaching Nei Gong (an internal Qi Gong) to integrate body and mind; free trial class.

wellness care > energy healing

Jenny Lethbridge – Healing Therapist; Helping clients achieve emotional balance and release limiting emotional patterns using treatments including past life regression; regular Hong Kong visits

Healing Fire – Chantal Phillips, Reiki Master Teacher; Private and group tuition in all levels of Reiki and Karuna Reiki since 1997; healing sessions; tarot readings; space clearing

Christel Wilk – Nei Gong Teacher & Healer; Classes and private sessions teaching Nei Gong (an internal Qi Gong) to integrate body and mind; free trial class.

wellness care > homeopaths & naturopaths

Dr Josiah Auyeung – Naturopath & Osteopath; Naturopathic & osteopathic treatments, nutritional programs, sports injuries, fitness programs

Graeme Bradshaw – Homeopath, Naturopath; Hosting mindfulness workshops

Dr Alexander Yuan – Naturopath; Treating acute and chronic diseases with homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic and colonics

Naturopathic & Homeopathic Clinic – Jeanne Ma, Naturopath, Homeopath (Aust); Diagnostic Iridology, hair analysis, vitamin & minerals, herbal medicine, organic dried herbs, homeopathic remedies, allergies, detoxification, weight loss

Dr Jay Pandya – Homeopathic Physician; Personalized treatments combining western medicine and homeopathic training, safe for pregnancy and babies to cure disease and chronic pain

Jennifer Walker – Naturopath; Naturopath and counsellor specializing in a variety of issues for teens and adults

wellness care > hospitals

Matilda International Hospital – General Hospital offering international standards in care; maternity, medicals, diagnostics, heartscans, surgical/medical care, physiotherapy, outpatients, paediatrics, classes.

wellness care > kinesiology

Anisa Abdoolcarim – Kinesiologist; Find out the root cause of your diseases, addictions, fears, nutritional imbalances, emotional issues using MRT.

Brain Body Centre – Amy Choi & Conrad Ho, Certified Brain Gym Instructors; Corporate training, public workshops, personal coaching, books and games on learning and wellness.

wellness care > services > bodywork

Donna Gee – Physiotherapist; Registered Physiotherapist and Postural Rehabilitation Specialist and Skenar practitioner

Shelagh Ho – Reflexologist; Identify, treat and restore balance and function to the body by working corresponding reflex points on the feet.

Caroline Rhodes – Physiotherapist; Manual therapy for the resolution of pain and dysfunction, strengthening the immune system, increasing flexibility and improving overall health.

Kay Ross – Bodyworker & Healer; Hands-on bodywork for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

Timothy Tse – Thai & Polarity Therapist; Polarity therapy, hand, ear & foot reflexology, bio-sonic sound therapy, chair massage, thai massage, deep tissue massage

wellness care > services > colonics

Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre – Christina Tam, Colon-HydroTherapy Instructor; Detox and regain energy in a comfortable, relaxing environment in the hands of experienced I-ACT certified therapist. Prevention is better than cure.

wellness care > services > dentists

Costello Brothers Dentistry – Holistic approach to dental services

wellness care > services > holistic medical doctors

Dr Susan Jamieson – General Practice / Family Medicine / Lightdoctor; Scottish-trained general practitioner with a holistic approach to medicine including energy integration and the powers of intention and presence

wellness care > services > integrative therapies

The BodyTalk Clinic – Mala Daswani, Certified Parama BodyTalk Practitioner; Holistic therapy based on quantum physics and kinesiology to resynchronize the body’s systems so they can operate as nature intended.

AyurYoga International – Vinod Sharma, Ayurvedic Consultant; Ayurveda, naturopathy, reflexology, Reiki energy systems, pulse reading, treating clients with medical conditions and physical ailments

Donna Keech Sun – Masgutova Method Instructor; Knowledge and tools to use natural, genetic motor resources for successful neuro-sensory-motor development and joyful learning for children and adults.

Buteyko Breathing Asia – Jac Vidgen, Senior Buteyko Practitioner; Learn a series of breathing exercises and understand how breathing relates to your sleeping, eating, exercise, lifestyle and postural habits

wellness care > services > nutrition

Albert Place Practice – Nutritional consultations integrating nutritional knowledge from East and West to improve and enhance your health; hair tissue mineral analysis available

wellness care > services > osteopaths

Chung Sze Chan – Osteopath; Holistic manual therapy and rehabilitation treatment plans for acute injuries and chronic pain

Inès De Beer – Osteopath DO, Sacral Cranial Osteopath; Manual therapy using techniques to increase the musculo-skeletal mobility of the body; treating problems including as low back pain, headaches and neck pain

Jonine Nash – Osteopath; Osteopathy, body work, yoga, pilates services

Elaine Ward – Registered Osteopath; Using craniosacral therapy and cranial osteopathy with along with structural techniques restore the body to a state of optimal balance

workshops & courses > personal growth seminars

Dr Unico Chan – Enneagram Practitioner; Public workshops – Enneagram Personality Types, LAB Profile, Interactive Theater

yoga > studios

The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong – Iyengar classes taught by certified instructors according to student level: beginners, general, intermediate and pregnancy

Yoga Central – Iyengar-based yoga caters for students from all walks of life ages from 8 and above

yoga > teachers

Jan Moor – Yoga Instructor; Hatha yoga for physical and mental well-being

Sudevi Sundari – Yoga Instructor & Spiritual Coach; Classes and private instructions for all levels from beginners to teacher training


Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network