MANA! signature vegan shakes

3 Signature Shakes in Sealed Glass Bottles

MANA! wholesome plant-based shakes fuel you with whole food and plant based nutrition that is good for you and they are packaged in reusable glass bottles that are good for the earth.

Babylon Shake
Banana, Figs, Tahini, Bon Soy Milk and Cinnamon

Inka Shake
Banana, Raw Cacao, Coconut oil, Almonds, Dates, Spirulina

Maya Shake
Fresh whole coconut, banana, dates

What happens to our glass bottles when you are done with them?

A) Leave them with us or bring them back and they will be collected by the government and turned into bricks and used for construction in Hong Kong.

B) Keep them at home you can reuse them for your own homemade beverages or storage containers.


MANA! Fast Slow Food


8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan
TEL : +852 2347 8555

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MANA! Signature Vegan Shakes

POSTED : 31-Oct-18

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