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HK is a better place for what you do.” Charlotte Douglasmore

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5 Great Reasons to advertise with HK heartbeat … more

  1. Our community is a connected network of networks
  2. Benefit from the insights of a local industry pioneer
  3. Advertising is prepared for specifically our audience
  4. All production is included in the price
  5. Local media follow HK heartbeat

The numbers alone aren’t the most important factor – if you’re getting positive responses from key influencers in your industry, that’s worth far more than hundreds of shares from those with half a dozen followers each. Focus on gauging your followers’ influence level to determine how significant your impact actually is.” Clare Tyrrell Morin, Content Marketer

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+ Executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and parents
+ Community leaders running active local volunteer organizations
+ Business owners selling natural products, services and programs
+ Media editors, freelance journalists and writers (English and Chinese)
+ Wellness practitioners offering natural therapies for mind, body and soul
+ Teachers, educators, students and family service providers

Advertisers provide the essential support that allows HK heartbeat to continue serving our community with authentic information and useful resources for free.

+ We promote natural products, services and programs
+ Tailored advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available
+ Our business is continually evolving to support our growing audience
+ Unique suite of publications integrates email, website social media and print

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Introduce your clean, green, sustainable, healthy, conscious living natural products, services and programs to local residents and visitors making conscious choices every day. Get in touch to create a unique campaign and engage our audience where your customers are active. HK heartbeat is a community of networks where local businesses, professionals and organizations have been promoting natural life in the fast lane since 2001 … naturally.

I greatly enjoy reading your posts, as they often end up touching a chord with me and providing just the right spiritual sustenance that I need to get me through the week. With your fingers always sensitively placed on Hong Kong’s pulse, your gentle messages non-judgmentally convey the inwardness of conscience.” Stephen Palmquist, HK Philosophy Cafe

HK Philosophy Cafe … read

I can see things changing – even small things can make the world of difference and we’re feeling really positive, mostly thanks to people like you who keep positively plugging away.” Jo Rowek

Jo Rowek, Founder Living Lamma … read

Thank you, Kinzie for the update on all things thrivable and soul sustaining.” Teresa Norton


Loved your email today.” Catherine Nicol


Very well-written Kinzie. Thanks for your great articles.” Ben Stocker


It is great to read of such progress in HK! When I left nine years ago people with these ideas would have just been laughed at.” Phil Smith


I really like the tone of your last few messages. They really made me smile.” Marc David Nathan

I always feel recharged after reading your newsletter.  Most of them are meaningful and touching!  I will keep it in my mind forever and ever!” Thanks! All the Best, Dixie

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