Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre

Detox and regain energy in a comfortable, relaxing environment in the hands of experienced I-ACT certified therapist. Prevention is better than cure.

Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre Christina Tam, Colon-HydroTherapy Instructor TEL : +852 2805 7535 WEBSITE : mindbodycolonic.com HOURS : By appointment ADDRESS : Room 7A, Han Chung Mansion, 8 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (more…)

HK heartbeat

Natural networking, community resources and print publications providing a road map for personal and social vitality HK heartbeat Kinzie, Founder and Publisher TEL : +852 6628 6163 EMAIL : welovemail@heartbeat.com.hk WEBSITE : heartbeat.com.hk HOURS : 24 (more…)

Graham Player

With decades of practice and research, Graham provides support on the various approaches to cancer beyond the western medical model. Graham Player Health and Wellness Consultant WEBSITE : naturallycancerfree.com HOURS : (more…)