HK air quality solutions

When the air outside is frightful, indoor air can be delightful — here are some solutions to help clear your air.

Poor air quality also serves as a reminder to step up our activities to reduce air pollution and address the issue at its source.

It is the perfect time to place our attention on blue skies and fresh air and make decisions that lead in that direction.

We are happy to introduce members of our community with products and services along with organizations you can support to be the change … naturally.

Oxyvital International Ltd – Medical air quality solutions to naturally and safely purify indoor air to WHO standards, removing particulate, microorganic and gaseous pollutants > details

Clean Air Network – CAN is a platform to mobilize public opinion by working with groups that have clean air projects and motivate others. > details

Clear the Air – Promoting the introduction and implementation of measures to significantly reduce Hong Kong air pollution > details

Life Solutions – Reverse osmosis water dispensers & air purifiers > details

Clean Air Group – Raising awareness and offering solutions to air pollution problems of canyon effect, idling engines and the use of indoor chemicals > details

Kenlice – Canadian-made Amaircare True-HEPA air filtration system; Hygienitech mattress and carpet cleaning system eliminates dustmites, bacteria and other allergy causing substances > details

Climate Change Hong Kong – Find out how you can cut down your CO2 emissions to improve air quality and save money > details

Hedley Index – Real-time economic costs of Hong Kong’s air pollution in terms of public health impacts and monetary value > details

Alen Corp Asia – Air purifiers, home filtration packages and odor removal sprays > details

Calcite Indoor Environmental Services – Project design and consulting for R-2000 energy efficient buildings and healthy homes, indoor air quality projects; household appliances and products > details