February 2020


We are urging all members of the public to follow public health guidelines and stay home unless absolutely necessary.

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Here’s what’s on in Hong Kong … naturally.

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Updated: 21 February 2020

Feb 1-2 (11am-2pm) Hoi Ha Wan Festival | Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park > details

Feb (10am-6:30pm) Your Ugly Beauty | Valerie Wellness > details

Feb (10am-12:30pm) Wild Flower Embroidery Workshop | Make and Do Hong Kong > details

Feb (10am-12pm) Crafty Charity Breakfast Social | Crafty Charity > details

Feb (1-2:30pm) Heal your Relationships | Michelle Harris > details

Feb (10-11:30am) Meditation: Cosmic Love of Source | Yvonne Li > details

Feb 3-12 Get Redressed Second Hand Pop Up Shop (postponed) > details

Feb (7:30-9:30pm) Quantum Healing Qigong Free Talk | Lawrence Tse > details

Feb (8-10pm) Community Drum Jam (cancelled) | The Fringe Club > details

Feb (6-8pm) Restorative Networking (cancelled) | Estiatorio_Keia > details

Feb (7-8:15pm) Healthy Hormones and Cycles | Her Yoga Practice > details

Feb (6-8:30pm) Reflect and Replenish | Wild at Art Studio > details

Feb (6:30-8:30pm) Dishtag X Sohofama Foodie Event | Sohofama > details

Feb (7-8pm) Full Moon Meditation | Alive Wellness > details

Feb (7:30-8:30pm) Mystic Meditation | Enhale Mindfulness Studio > details

Feb (9-11:30am) Sustainable Fashion (cancelled) | Fashionable Futures > details

Feb (10am-1pm) Gold Coast GreenRace | The Green Race > details

Feb (11:30am-3:30pm) Weekend Energizer | Rooftop Republic > details

Feb (3:33pm) Full moon

Feb (12-3:30pm) Middle Eastern Vegan Cooking | Olive Leaf > details

Feb (12-1pm) Mini-farming Workshop (cancelled) | Green Hub > details

Feb 10 (10am-9pm) World Pulses Community Day | MANA! Fast Slow Food > details

Feb 11 (7:15-9pm) Climate Change vs Economic Growth-A Zero Sum Game? | Salon 10 > details

Feb 12 (9:30am-12pm) Mindful Drawing | Wild at Art Studio > details

Feb 12 (6:30-7:45pm) Healthy Hormones and Cycles | Her Yoga Practice > details

Feb 13-16 (9:30am-7pm) Awakening the Illuminated Heart | Inner Space > details

Feb 13 (6-8:30pm) Love Mandalas | Wild at Art Studio > details

Feb 13 RGS Gala Fundraiser (postponed) > details

Feb 14 (7-9pm) Valen-Wine’s Day Tasting > details

Feb 14 (11:45am-1:30pm) Connect to your Guides: Automatic Writing > details

Feb 14 (3-6pm) Afternoon Tea x Floral Jamming Workshop > details

Feb 14 (6:30-8:15pm) Unsung Heroes of Ink (cancelled) > details

Feb 14 (7-9pm) Valen-Wine’s Day Tasting > details

Feb 15 (8:30am-5:30pm) Green Power Hike > details

Feb 15 (9am-2:30pm) Transcendental Breathwork > details

Feb 15 (10am-12pm) Textiles Repair Cafe > details

Feb 15 (1-2:30pm) Heal Your Relationships: The Father Wound > details

Feb 16 (2-6pm) HKPaws Homing Day > details

Feb 17-24 Wellness Week Hong Kong > details

Feb 17 (7:45-9:45pm) Conscious Dance Monday > details

Feb 18 (1-5pm) CPR & First Aid for Domestic Helpers | Annerley Midwives > details

Feb 18 (7:30-9pm) Deep Body Relaxation Exercises > details

Feb 20 Trust Matters > details

Feb 21-23 LOHAS Expo & Vegetarian Food Asia (postponed) > details

Feb 23 (11:32pm) New moon

Feb 23 (12-6pm) Sustainable Sunday Market > details

Feb 25 (6:30-9pm) The New Decade is Female > details

Coming up

Mar 5-14 Medicinal Plants from the Amazon Jungle

Mar Green Women Festival

Mar 21 Spring Cleanup Day

Apr 23 Hospitality 2020: It’s all about waste