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Flexible rates (with monthly or yearly payment options) are designed to make it easy for everyone to explore natural life in the fast lane.

The weekly newsletter the latest natural news and local notices and includes private offers from our business members.

100% of all membership fees goes cover operating costs and support our social membership program.

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Active Personal Membership

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Great to know other people passionate about natural and sustainable living in Hong Kong” Christine Loh

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Personal benefits


— Weekly newsletter with links to details
— Special offers from our business members
— Credits for the heartbeat natural concierge
— Social activities with the heartbeat network
— Option to receive the newsletter by WhatsApp

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Our members come from all walks of life and are willing to pay more or able to pay less than our published rates. Based on recent crowdfunding experience, I have set a range of options to suit all budgets while keeping rates affordable for everyone.

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