“A woman’s health is her capital.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

This week, we are reassessing our capital.

In the process of fundraising, many trees are sacrificed.

Our old systems still rely on paper and the opinions of authority.

When the machine has not been serviced, it slows until it screeches to a halt.

Women have remained largely outside of business profits while providing free labour.

Getting into the game requires not just a lot of learning but an entirely new state of mind.

There is some irony in creating waste in order to build a build a business designed to reduce.

Until it breaks, we’re stuck with using the old tools to design a new social framework.

We are stitching together old and new tech with a view of tomorrow’s architecture.

It’s not the most efficient way, but it works for the calendar, news and directory.

The sustainability campaign wish list is growing with less time for social media.

We’ll be bringing you special holiday offers from our business members.

With more time and support, there are so many ideas on the to do list.

The next normal will include a new way of seeing the market.

Earth’s ecosystem is already circular and it’s clean up time.

Do you value your capital?


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“A woman’s health is her capital.”  Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network