“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

This week, we are finding our way.

Hong Kong is leading the world in finding our voice in a time of great change. Like many, we have learned to rely on ourselves and each other in the spirit of community.

Driven by dollars, we are a young nation manifested in a common culture of resilience and creativity. Our long traditions arise from far flung independent villages separated by blue waters and green mountains.

As we move into the next chapter, we recognize that attempts to go around obstacles lead us in a circle to the beginning. Uncertainty will give way to a sense of certainty that can provide some relief once we know what our new rules are. The only way out is through.

Time has collapsed and the next 27 years have been packed into a few short weeks leading into the coming hours. Tomorrow, we will celebrate our love for the place really known only by those of us who have lived here.

Our quiet conversations will continue and we will continue making demands for social reforms. In our abundance, we remember our vulnerable and we learn to disagree with respect. Our consent arises from within as we shape our tomorrow around external realities.

The changing of the landlord is something we have all learned to live with.

Hongkongers know best how to keep calm and carry on in Hong Kong.

And we will find our way together, as always.

What are you moving through?


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“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill

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Author: Kinzie

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