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25 May 2023

This week, the last is the first of the next.

It turns out that now is the best and only time.

I've been gathering feedback and the results are in.

You are reading the last official HK heartbeat newsletter.

It has been confirmed by many that I am on the right track.

I woke up this morning reflecting on an essay I wrote 20 years ago.

I read through my wishes for Buddha's birthday and some have now come true.

With all of the movement happening now, today is the day that has finally arrived.

HK heartbeat will become the founding community for the heartbeat network.

This was always the plan and I always wanted you to be the first to know.

Current members will be charter members of our new global village.

Let me know by reply if you want to join and be identified as one.

Future emails from this account will be purely administrative.

All news will now come from the new Hong Kong chapter.

I am preparing for the official launch announcement.

Thanks for sharing the love on our journey together.

This is not a goodbye, it is an expansion.

Sign up for the next chapter ...



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Learn how to make vegan cheeze (aka. vegan cheese) from Chef Tina Barrat

"Hong Kong is a state of mind. Nobody really leaves. We just have more friends and new family in far away places." Kinzie

HK heartbeat promotes holistic options for self and community. The network is born out of the founder's personal desire to circulate natural information about what's on in Hong Kong. We are fortunate to live in an international village with a vast array of skills, talents, gifts and viewpoints. There is a wide range of healthy and fun activities and a growing number of people looking for ways to contribute to personal growth and the careful development of our planet. Knowledge increases in value when exchanged. The natural database is maintained for the sole purpose of the serving the network. Like any community, our strength is in our cooperation. Share and invite your people to join.

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