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06 January 2022

HK heartbeat :: Issue #1049

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Here for you in '22

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

This week, our future begins.

The calendar is ready to welcome our new year's resolutions.

It's finally time for the directory review and updates are on the way.

We'll have new specials in the marketplace and new products in the shop.

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HK heartbeat

""Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." Mother Teresa

Listen to your own heartbeat.

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network (est 2001)

Natural life in the fast lane -- a collection of essays

The favorites -- yours, mine and ours: Twenty Years of Natural Hong Kong will be available in digital format with a hard copy version including digital access and branded editions available for company orders. I am offering a Pre-launch Special of HK$188 for the digital version and HK$688 for a print edition. The digital publication will be released in 2022 once the pre-launch sales target is reached to cover production costs. Full price (HK$288/HK$888) will apply for orders placed after release ... details

HK heartbeat -- the natural network (est 2001)

Everything is connected.

HK heartbeat is the natural network building building a fair future for everyone by connecting the public with independent professionals, commercial businesses and social organizations. Make a difference by getting involved with local volunteers. Stay in touch with members around the village. Ask for help from the natural concierge. Find what you're looking for, even when you're not sure what you're looking for ... details

Listen to your own heartbeat

HK heartbeat -- the natural network (est 2001)

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