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Green Glass Green

TEL : +852 5316 2907


Reducing the amount of the waste glass dumped at landfills by returning glass with the natural value it deserves through volunteer collection programs and public awareness campaigns and compiling a glass recycling resource book for green/social advocates

 - Read this article in the The New York TImes.

 - Find a glass recycling collection point near you.

 - Sign this petition -- how many glass bottles/jars can you recycle each week?

 - Send your message in a bottle to Environmental Protection Department, Waste Management Policy Division, Room 4522, 45/F Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai

 - Volunteer on Thursdays and Saturdays to collect glass bottles from participating bars in Soho and Wan Chai -- not a pretty job but an eye-opener for everyone who gets involved. Given that the main obstacle to glass recycling is the collection cost, this is a perfect example of where volunteers can make a significant impact.

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