We are the other superpower.

Every week since 2001, HK heartbeat has been delivering everyday options for natural life in the fast lane to an active network of individuals, businesses and social organizations.

Our members support holistic wellness, real beauty, whole food, eco-chic fashion, civic engagement, cultural heritage, nature conservation, responsible development, creative expression, renewable energy, fair trade, practical innovation, zero waste, circular economics, sustainable living and more …

Three simple objectives:

1. Publish contacts and events and nurture relationships to help anyone find what they’re looking for, even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

2. Provide business and communications expertise to professionals and companies while making it easy for people to find natural products and services that can be trusted.

3. Serve social organizations with sponsored campaigns and community connections to attract volunteers and essential resources.

HK heartbeat is an independent, one-woman, natural lifestyle network open to people who care.

Ancient wisdom + modern technology = prosperity in balance

Our members are trailblazers and explorers committed to growth in the expanding natural lifestyle market. Our growing multicultural audience connects online and in person at events in real life.

— Information is provided as a guide for informed everyday choices.

— We encourage individuals and organizations to be their best.

— Now is the time to remember what we used to know.

Our guiding principles

— We spark conscious connections for everyday balance.

— We serve with compassion and kindness today for tomorrow.

— Our commercial decisions respectfully serve local communities.

Website + e-news + directory + events

— Supporting sustainable personal and community growth

— Regular email updates with what’s new and what’s on in Hong Kong

— Community calendar, directory, classifieds and articles on the website

Get more out of life … naturally.

— Social connections for sharing experience and information

— Special offers for natural lifestyle business and professionals

Join our growing community and stay connected with natural options

At its heart, Hong Kong is a great place to be.

It is one of our world’s first truly global villages.

Hong Kong is a place where ancient wisdom meets modern technology — where original ideas spark new innovations and resilience is in every heart.

Yes, there is the pollution and the noise and the traffic and these are all things that can be changed. Maybe not easily –- and not at all if everyone agrees that we can’t.

But there is a growing community of dreamers who believe that we can.

Change begins with a single idea that, like a seed, sprouts and grows and creates more seeds that sprout and grow and create more seeds.

Hong Kong is doing a wonderful job of attracting professionals who are committed to seeing life differently.

Energy efficient buildings with rooftop gardens, electric vehicles, a clean harbour … these are really just thoughts away.

Ideas like these are flowing more easily with each passing day.

Since our first email was delivered in 2001, our view of ourselves and our experience our world has evolved. We have less desire to change the world and more desire to change our experiences.

We are trying more new things and remembering some of the things we used to enjoy before we got ourselves so busy being busy that we didn’t believe we had time to do anything.

As much as we might wish for them sometimes, there are no instructions for this game we call life. There are no rules. There are no limits to our experience. We simply turn up and whoever has the most fun, wins. It’s time to let go of our hold on the beliefs that keep us boxed in … just be.

The world around us is changing and the best we can do is to allow ourselves to grow with it — and gain control by being less controlling.

We invite you to join with us and share yourself with our world. Allow your attraction to anything or anyone that feels right for you right now.

Try things on. Either they will fit or they won’t. No big deal.

Talk to others. Share your experience.

Enjoy the journey.

Listen to your own heartbeat.

The original natural network

We are a diverse community of everyday people from all walks of life who agree that our thoughts, beliefs and actions today will determine everyone’s experience of our world tomorrow.

HK heartbeat serves thousands of members making considered choices every day.

Since 2001, HK heartbeat has been dedicated to people interested in holistic living — for us, by us. That will never change. Today, HK heartbeat is taking its recognized combination of commerce and lifestyle to the next level. Our goal is to lead and spark conversation with the vision that our members will inspire even more action.

We keep in touch with our members to produce our free community resources, including the weekly newsletter, local calendar, website directory and online market.

From our headquarters in the world’s largest fishing village, we serve members from around the world who love Hong Kong as much as we do.

Our members are customers exploring and business offering fresh options for natural life in the fast lane. What does that mean? It’s about simple living, social engagement, real beauty, holistic wellness, whole food, eco-chic fashion, energetic exercise, cultural heritage, nature conservation, responsible development, conscious creativity, thoughtful decisions, renewable energy, fair trade practices, practical innovation, zero waste living and more

We operate from desire to connect, curiosity to explore, motivation to learn and willingness to share with open heart and peaceful mind. We agree to seek our own truth, be respectful of others, support personal care, show compassion, contribute as citizens and be kind to ourselves.

Our focus is on simplicity, using plenty of images from nature that remind us of what’s important and leaving the words to speak for themselves. You will not find bouncy banners, violent videos, distracting deals, hurried hype or pesky pop-ups demanding your attention. Our restful space is designed to browse, explore and discover useful information that can help with active decisions for balance every day.

We thrive with the support of members, integrated ad campaigns, personal membership and individual contributions.

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Looking back …

In 2001, a group email led to a round of invites and a network was born to serve members looking for things like yoga and meditation and spelt in a community in the midst of the dot com crazies.

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In 2003, we published the first edition of The HK heartbeat directory followed by the website directory (2006) to serve an active and growing community. We hold private and private events and partner at global trade fairs, regional conferences and local festivals held in the city, taking every opportunity to connect those seeking with those offering natural products, services and activities.

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“This is such a great job of connecting all the people in the holistic field. I really appreciate your enthusiasm.” Cynthia Poon, Wellsky (joined 2002)

“Keep your wonderful work flowing, Hugs,” Lindsey McAllister, Founder, HK Youth Arts Festival (joined 2001)

“Great to meet you … I’ve heard great things!” Jude Wu, Managing Director, Conservation International Hong Kong

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Jeanette Wang, Health Editor, South China Morning Post

Jeanette Wang, former Health Editor, SCMP