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Weekly since 2001, the heartbeat newsletter has kept us in touch with each other in a regular round-up of news and offers and updates from our members.

The full edition of the newsletter is delivered by email to free Community Members and a brief summary is posted on the website and shared across our social media channels to keep everyone up to date with what’s new and what’s happening … naturally.

Thank you very much for your email newsletter that I enjoy reading for its style and content. It’s important to consolidate a force, a group of scarce in number of nature-lovers … for support & sharing. This is a busy place people running for their livings. Certainly, it’s encouraging and inspiring to see your newsletter.” Allen Lee, HK Organic Resource Centre

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Personal members gain access to the full archives, back to the very beginning with the original 9/11 message that sparked everything.

I love your newsletter, especially your essay. I read it every week.” Sonalie Figueras, Green Queen HK

“Replace presents with presence. Now that’s a trajectory change worth embracing! Thanks!” Managing Director, Energy-use Strategy Advisors

“Beautiful spirit, love this.” Nissa Marion, Events Manager, Redress

“Thank you Kinzie for keeping Hong Kong’s heartbeat alive.+ Jeanette Wang, former health editor, SCMP

“Beautifully written. Good positive energy coming from you. Thank you.” Melissa Shadforth

Love how you write, Kinzie. You are so gifted.” Claudia

“What a writing gift you have. Each time I read your pieces they are so inspired. When is your book going to be published? You need to share your special wisdom with millions more. Keep up the great work” Lynda Aurura, Plus Partnership

“I just had to let you know that I am a big fan of your essays. I am crazy busy with a full time job, 3 little boys and a green group in DB but I always have time to stop and read your emails – I have often found them just spell bounding. You are clearly a very gifted writer so just a wee note to let you know how much I enjoy them and how often I find such food for thought in them! Really fresh and interesting and entertaining so thank you!” Kate Wade, Founder, DB Green

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In the morning hours of 12 September 2001, I wrote an email message to let friends and family know I had arrived home safely from my first trip to New York City the night before. Response to that initial email led to the launch of the newsletter which was renamed heartbeat the following week, a name that arrived during a meditation in a weekend retreat with Mas Rogers (rest in peace, Mas).

Since then, we have grown into a reliable free resource sharing serving our community with useful information and unbiased content, keeping everyone up to date with the latest news and sharing ancient wisdom with a new audience.

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