Invitation (private launch)

The natural network for life in the fast lane

With the experience and connections gained from 21 years publishing HK heartbeat, I am excited to launch the natural network and you’re invited.

My intention is to foster communication and collaboration among pioneers and newcomers in our vibrant community in Hong Kong and overseas.

Membership is by invitation and registered members will receive a personal code to invite your friends and colleagues.

“It is very encouraging to know there are people who care and whose hearts beat on the same rhythm.” Craig Leeson

HK heartbeat is an independent private network. It’s operated by a human, with funding from members, advertisers and donors.

The launch begins with a fundraising campaign to cover costs and produce resources for members. Continue reading “Invitation (private launch)”

Downsizing — our new tiny home

“I feel in my heart it is the right move right now. The next phase requires me to cut costs drastically. I will not be doing this alone.” Kinzie

It’s time to downsize. At the request of friends and members wanting to lend a hand, in order to keep HK’s heart beating, I set up a fundraiser (more…)

Keeping the lights on

Funding was secured to stay eviction proceedings in our famously most expensive city.

Secure our future.

Support Hong Kong’s original natural lifestyle resource and thousands of volunteers in our Social Sponsorship Plan.

Members engage with our vibrant community, promote businesses and stay in touch with what’s new and what’s on in our Hong Kong natural network.

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