Kindness is our top priority.

It is our intention to consciously serve the heartbeat network with an emphasis on data privacy.

OUR COMMITMENT TO PRIVACY : All contact information is securely stored to operate the heartbeat network. Private data is never provided to outside sources for any reason. Lists are not available for third party rental. User profiles are summarized for sales purposes to help business members with marketing decisions.

Contact us any time with your questions or comments.

Every effort is made to encourage constructive dialogue, conduct straightforward promotions and deliver informative campaigns with respect for time and attention.

All memberships are personally verified to ensure real people are using real names to ensure users will engage with kindness and compassion.

No contact details will be shared without permission with anyone inside or outside the community for any reason. Not ever. Period.

Spam prevention systems are in place with personal verification. No email address is added to the mailing list without user permission. All users must confirm requests to subscribe with double-opt in authentication. The email publishing system follows best practice protocols that exceed industry digital publishing privacy standards.

All user information including the member database, mailing lists and and email publishing software is securely hosted on a private server.

Users have the right to request access to and, where applicable, correction of personal data.

All data access and correction requests should be made in writing:

Connections Unlimited, Hong Kong
Email address:

Read our detailed privacy policy here.