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With a view to sharing information and contacts about the local activities, shops and professionals offering natural products and services in Hong Kong, the HK heartbeat weekly email newsletter was established to deliver free public resources to a tiny and largely invisible community operating behind the scenes alongside the commercially vibrant metropolis of the world’s biggest fishing village at a time when we were close to a tipping point in the way we communicate with each other around the world.

Welcome to natural life in the fast lane

Grounded in the grassroots communities of Hong Kong, our network is a unique collection of people from all walks of life leading the way long forward before sustainability entered corporate boardrooms.

From the beginning, our relationships have benefited from the global nature of the local population connected to every Chinatown in every city around the world where Cantonese flourished. Woven into the international fabric through family and education and travel and time spent living overseas while living alongside expatriates in Britain’s last colony, there is a perspective among the local population like no other place on earth.

The heartbeat natural network

By its very nature, the natural network has expanded to the far reaches of our little blue planet. An established society of overseas nationals constantly on the move arrive and depart every few years while others fall in love with the islands on the South China Sea and continue extending their stay while maintaining close contact with family and friends back home.

International conferences and trade shows attract interest from businesses exploring trade not just with China but with the rest of the global marketplace when they gather together and share more than their products and services but their stories and experiences and ideas and hope for a better tomorrow.

Meet . Exchange . Collaborate . Create . Grow

We live everywhere and we’re from everywhere and we’re always open to meeting new people, making new friends and hearing and sharing the latest good news and programs and plans, always adding value to the collective understanding and growing in our own awareness of each other and the vital importance of maintaining self care along the way to offer our best to our world.

Everyone is welcome.


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