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We love to share the love … naturally.

“You are such a beacon of light in these disturbing times. I wish you and the campaign the deserved success!” Philine Bracht

“It is very encouraging to know there are people who care and whose hearts beat on the same rhythm.” Craig Leeson

“Great to know other people passionate about natural and sustainable living in Hong Kong” Christine Loh

“Lots of businesses come and go but you keep going strong. You are to be congratulated!” Sandi Butchkiss

“Thank you for creating this wonderful and much needed community.” David Yeung

“Kinzie you are one of our precious pioneers in The HK…!! Keep up the good service you have been doing us for 17 years… ???? Bobsy, Founder, Able Charity

“I met you in 2004 in your gathering related that was quite a turning point for me. Just want to re-assure you that there is no failure, only ‘progress without sign of immediate achievement’.  Now I am practicing Buddhism & believe it’s my turn to reward anyone who had assisted me in my spiritual journey.” Helena

“Thank you for all your love and contribution dear Kinzie! Although we haven’t met, I am inspired by your work.” Sowmya Mysoor

“Keep up with the great work that heartbeat is doing, it’s fantastic! Much love.” Eve

“What a labour of love this has been for you … how pioneering it was when you started it.” Hersha Harilela Chellaram

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

“I believe in you. I appreciate the mercy, grace and humility trouble has brought me. When I lived in Hong Kong you showed me a lot humanity and I appreciate you so much. It’s incredible what you had the vision to start there.” Kim

“LOVE what you’re doing with Heartbeat.” Andy Stokes, The Last Straw

“You really are a beautiful writer. You are making a huge difference with your words.” Jenny Quinton, Ark Eden

“Just want to say that, to me, reading what you write is one of the great benefits of being a member. In your most recent letter-to-all, as closing, you wrote: ‘It is essential that we make the effort to nurture our connections in the real world with meaningful intent for positive change.’ Jubilations! for HK having you.” Wong

“Great update this week, I really enjoyed reading it :)” Tracey Read, Plastic Free Seas

“Thank you for this inspiring newsletter. I’m away from HK but your inspiration is global.” Falguni

“Excellent Kinzie, well done!” Cheers, Peter

“Thank you so much for your newsletters. Very much enjoying!” Abby

“I totally agreed with what you have said in this mail that sharing knowledge is the most important way of improving the society. Pls keep in touch with me and inform me about your latest activities.” Plato Yip

“Large or small – each individual action contributes toward overall change” – thank you, Kinzie for being an example and the inspiration for positive change. Sanja Dujic

“Thank you so much for your support of our organization.” Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong

“Always inspiring to read your mail-outs and especially to realize just how long you have been running heartbeat and how much holistic now goes on in HK.” Deirdre Butler

“Love what you are doing at HK heartbeat; HK definitely needs more passionate individuals like you.” Michelle Lau

“It is also to see energy put into making wellness in Hong Kong more visible and I really appreciate your email event listings to get a sense of what is happening around Hong Kong.” Elena Maria Foucher

“A good hug for your super work!” John Stolfo

“I am a big fan of you and HK Heartbeat!” Mey Jen Tillyer, Oasis Dance Centre

“I have enjoyed being with you all these years. It is good to know that you are there. I can’t imagine Hong Kong without you!” Christel Wilk, Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre

“Thanks for kind effort in networking and spreading the positive news to wider communities.” Idy Wong, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

“Thank you for pouring your heart out to create something useful and meaningful for the community!” Cherie

“I love your Fresh HK printed mini-guide to conscious-living-alternatives in Hong Kong. The tips on the bottom of some of the pages are quite thoughtful.” Rose, Cirque du Soleil

“I am glad to see you are still around and clearly successful in what you do. You must feel proud of your contribution to the healing and health scene in Hong Kong.” Catriona Rogers

“Love it! Resham

“Am in India and so glad to read your mail. Keep up the good work on heartbeat always great reading.” Love, Nimu

“Beautiful spirit, love this.” Nissa Marion, Co-founder, Ecozine

“Yet another article of yours that touches my heart and clears my head. Thanks for your words Kinzie xx” Kirstin

“Keep your wonderful work flowing” Lindsey McAlister, Founder HK Youth Arts Foundation

“great post Kinzie, thank you.” Karl

“A friend of mine came across your site and loved all your listings.” Laura Paul, Healthy Living Asia

“I truly enjoyed reading your weekly newsletter and totally agree with this end of the year marketing crazyness! Even me as a business owner, I’m already feeling overwhelmed, so I can only imagine what the consumer feels like. Continue delighting us with your words!” Fe

“What a pleasure to browse all these events and opportunities.” Robert Allender, Energy Use Strategy Advisors

“another particularly heartfull piece of writing, kinzie  (touches my heart)” Deirdre Butler

“Beautifully written. Good positive energy coming from you. Thank you.” Melissa Shadforth

“Nice one Kinzie! Truly an amazing story and glad you revisit it…” Bobsy

“Thank you Kinzie!  Thank you for your wonderful words xx” Zein

Love how you write Kinzie, you are so gifted.” Claudia S, Aman Resorts

“Such a great resource of information, services and products for us all! Thanks so much Kinzie” Michelle Harris

“Beautifully written Kinzie. Its often the stream of consciousness for me as I struggle with exactly what you’ve written. Your words are particularly poignant for me today!” Tori

“@HKheartbeat love reading your writing!” Green Queen (@GreenQueenHK) July 25, 2015

“Thanks for the e-newsletter! What a great writing!!”  Kumi Masunaga, Drum Jam

“Lovely article today and thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. You are so right!!!” Helen Barker, The Feel Good Factor

“I have been subscribing to your newsletters only recently and I want to thank you for your latest newsletter which I found very moving, I recognized myself entirely in it and, well, it was very well written indeed. Well done! And thank you. All the best,” Caroline Poujol

“Thank you, Kinzie for the update on all things thrivable and soul sustaining.” Teresa Norton

“Enjoyed reading your latest important message” Bing and David, The Green Patch

“Loved your email today.” Catherine Nicol

“Very well-written Kinzie. Thanks for your great articles.” Founder, The Store

“I really like the tone of your last few messages. They really made me smile.” Marc David Nathan, KEE Club

“It is great to read of such progress in HK! When I left nine years ago people with these ideas would have just been laughed at.” Phil Smith

“You made it easy for us.” Lisa Christensen,  HK Cleanup

“This directory may well help each of us to find ways to become healthier, wiser and happier.” Christine Loh

“HK heartbeat – natural life in the fast line, was a ‘market first’ in Hong Kong and Kinzie has done a fantastic job in providing a one stop platform that connects sustainable and organically focused businesses to ecologically concerned individuals in Hong Kong. Sustainability here is now hot, but it has taken many years to embed it into Hong Kong psyche and HK heartbeat’s newsletter has helped with that.” Ciara Shannon

“I can see things changing – even small things can make the world of difference and we’re feeling really positive, mostly thanks to people like you who keep positively plugging away.” Jo Rowek, Founder, Living Lamma”Thank you for your lovely weekly emails. I always look forward to them.” Angie Bucu

“HK heartbeat publications works and Kinzie has been as much informative as inspiring. I often forward to friends her post and thoughts.” Host and Founder, CleanTuesday Asia

“What a great variety of events on your calendar! Thanks for making it easy for us to find nice things in our city.”  Kumi Masunaga, Drum Jam

“I just loved this article. Your newsletter is one of my several connections with my beloved Hong Kong. Thank you for being so active. I truly believe what you do is so important. Some people are very short sighted and Hong Kong is about instant gratification in nearly everything …” Christa Koch

These mini guides are too cute – a concentrate of wellness in Hong Kong by @hkheartbeat … — A day with Fé (@AdaywithFe) February 12, 2015

“There’s really a lot of interesting things in here.” Rita (Fresh HK)

“It was indeed a sweet cozy group … got to meet some interesting new friends while munching some yummy healthy snacks!” Velda Kwan, 29 January 2015

Healthy, yummy and social… YES PLEASE! @HKheartbeat#SoulFoodSocial tomorrow night at @Linguini_Fini! — (@nissa_ecozine) January 28, 2015

“Lovely message” Veronica

“Thank you for providing such a fresh approach and for introducing all natural products and services available in the city yet awaiting to be discovered by all Hong Kong people. The regular updates help us to lead our lives in a natural way and become healthier – both mentally and physically – despite the hectic and stressful pace all city people are having.” Sanja Dujic

“You’re doing amazing work” Jack Maisano

“I love what you do” Sebastian Lembke

“I love it. I really love it.” Angus Ford-Robertson

“This is amazing!” Azaran Vachha, The Little Black Book

“I genuinely appreciate your way of approaching the holiday season – may you spread it among as many as possible! Gabi Baumgartner

“Thank you very much for your email newsletter that I enjoy reading for its style and content. It’s important to consolidate a force, a group of scarce in number of nature-lovers … for support & sharing. This is a busy place people running for their livings. Certainly, it’s encouraging and inspiring to see your newsletter.” Allen Lee, HK Organic Resource Centreread more

“Nice to find networking events in HK with people interested in the personal development/spiritual fields so I can mingle with people & learn and share with them.” Dina

“I can see things changing – even small things can make the world of difference and we’re feeling really positive, mostly thanks to people like you who keep positively plugging away.” Jo Rowek, Founder, Living Lamma

“I love what you’re doing with heartbeat.” Tom Hilditch, Publisher (HK Magazine, Expat Parent Magazine, Southside Magazine, Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay Magazine)

“All the best to your efforts helping others to sync their Heartbeats with Nature’s.” Ann

“It must have spending a lot of time, energy and passion in preparing the HK heartbeat. It’s such a great job you’ve done.” Surdham Lam, Founder & Owner of Flow Community Bookshop

“I’m so impressed by your incredible listing of events in Hong Kong – it’s extremely thorough and really helpful for planning ahead. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. You have my full support and gratitude.” Robin Tassie, Founder of Yoga Centralmore

“I have experienced HK heartbeat personally as well as via my business. On arrival into Hong Kong, I found the heartbeat directory at a cafe in Central. I had been in town for about a month and was looking for places to stay when I chanced upon it. It was a life source for me. Moving to Hong Kong from New York was not easy since at that time, I had no idea where to buy organic products, and follow a sustainable lifestyle as I did in New York. This guide helped me and my family in getting settled here in Hong Kong. Moving forward, when I met Kinzie, I thanked her for providing us with this amazing resource. SpiceBox Organics had launched and the synergy was great. We keep the Heartbeat guide at the store, and will always support her. This directory has grown organically (as quoted by Kinzie many times) and will continue to develop and be an amazing resource for us in Hong Kong. Thank you Kinzie!” Punam Chopra, SpiceBox Organics

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