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“Join the heartbeat network … naturally.” Kinzie

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The heartbeat network is Hong Kong’s respected source for reliable holistic information. Consistent and constant for over 20 years, HK heartbeat has earned the trust of members, advertisers,  donors and the many volunteers we support with Social Sponsorship.

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Raise public awareness and discover personal wellbeing, social inclusion, biodiversity in Hong Kong’s natural network where everyone is welcome.

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“Thank you for creating this wonderful and much needed community.” David Yeung (Founder, Green Monday and Green Common)

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Support local pioneers and community leaders collaborating with holistic professionals, businesses and organizations who are meeting a growing demand for healthy change.

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Members support preventative wellness, real beauty, whole food, eco-chic fashion, civic engagement, cultural heritage, nature conservation, responsible development, creative expression, renewable energy, fair trade, practical innovation, zero waste, circular economics and sustainable living read more …

** PRIVACY NOTE: We serve with respect to personal privacy, processing all requests by hand to ensure all members are real people — not bots or spammers — before approving membership. We host data on a private server rather than using third party software in order to protect personal details from data harvesters selling consolidated user information. No member details are shared or published in our online or print publications without prior permissions and approvals.

Ancient wisdom + modern technology = sustainable harmony

Information becomes knowledge when shared with diligence, questioned with respect and discussed with dignity.

Hong Kong’s original conscious community

Our members include local pioneers with natural lifestyle businesses and community leaders making a difference, reaching our global village with holistic options for balanced everyday choices since 2001.

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We promote natural everyday options by providing free public resources, personal benefits and business exposure for our members. In a balanced ecosystem, humans flourish in alignment with nature, so we use plenty of images to remind us of our purpose and we use carefully chosen words that will speak for themselves. We fuel people power with people power.

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Author: Kinzie

Operating the heartbeat network since 2001 ... naturally