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Each time we open our wallet or swipe or call or click to complete a purchase, decision-makers receive our vote. The heartbeat market offers member products and services with added content. Our aim is to help everyone make informed decisions more easily.

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Choose your charity - I’m giving 100% of all profits from 15-30 September NextGen smart mask sales to the following charities to stop the spread of disposable masks in public … read more. Donate masks to our homeless Select this option to purchase masks for distribution by our friends on their Kindness Walks in Hong Kong – read more … Continue reading "Choose your charity"
Kinzie’s gift - My birthday wish is to stop the spread of disposable masks in public so launched a fundraiser and I’m donating 100% of all September profits from NextGen smart mask sales to relevant Hong Kong charities ... naturally.
NextGen Smart Mask - Lightweight, breathable, mask with Silverplus® antimicrobial nanofibre woven into ethical Egyptian cotton for durable, reusable and 100% biodegradable protection

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