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Green Power

TEL : +852 2314 2662


HOURS :  M-F 9:30am-6pm

Founded in 1988 by a group of volunteers concerned about local environmental affairs and problems; promoting environmental education

We believe education is the ultimate means of transforming our thinking and behaviour. We focus on local ecological conservation and global environmental issues – ranging from those affecting species, to entire habitats and the world's environment. Hong Kong's per capita daily carbon emissions are 50% higher than the world average for developed cities. Hong Kong citizens have responsibility for mitigating global warming and we are committed to promoting low carbon living and working together to slow the warming of our planet. We have projects focusing on butterflies and trees, including surveys, guided tours, educational promotions, publications, tree planting and establishing Butterfly Gardens and Tree Trails in the community and schools. We focus on butterfly hotspots and natural woods in Hong Kong. We promote river conservation through highlighting one river each year. Over 160 species of fish and 110 species of dragonflies can be found in local rivers. Rivers are also the cornerstone of society, culture and economic development.

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