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The Hong Kong Gardening Society

WEBSITE : gardeninghongkong.com


Our members share information and visit private and public gardens, experimental farms, wholesale markets and specialist garden centres.

Guest speakers advise members on subjects such as soil improvement, orchids, ferns, planning a small garden, terrariums and more. The society helps members procure seeds, cuttings, bedding plants, fertilizer and tools. Trips are held in Hong Kong, across the border in Shenzhen, Foshan and Guangzhou and we organize horticultural tours to neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Nepal. Our monthly newsletter provides updates on activities and recent visits and contains a wealth of information on subjects ranging from local trees to herbs, spices and orchids. It includes a seasonal guide to cutting, pruning, propagating and caring for plants of all kinds.

Entered 12-Aug-02 | Updated 23-Dec-08