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Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation

TEL : +852 2488 0602


By uniting resources from different sectors, we promote simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Respecting local value, we promote production methods following the natural rules and ethical consumption in to achieve a sustainable and balanced life. We focus on food safety, organic farming, ecosystem and human welfare. In May 1999, SEED was established as the Hong Kong Organic Farming Association with less than 20 organic farms in Hong Kong. By to 2009, there were 270 organic farms, despite the shrinking of Hong Kong agriculture, and the number of organic farms is still growing, demonstrating the increasing demand for local organic food. Sustainable lifestyle focuses on the harmony between human and nature and caring for people. Promoting sustainable lifestyle, SEED has provides platforms to link urban citizens and local organic farmers. Building on our current work and expanding into the art and creative sectors, we educate the public about the importance of ethical consumption for social justice. We urge consumers to know more before buying products and consider whether products involve any proper care for primary producers and workers, humane treatment of animals and protection for the environment. We encourage Corporate Social Responsibility and encourage corporations to return to the society.

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