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Our contax database includes only pre-qualified organizations who offer natural lifestyle products and services. Our readers have personally subscribed to heartbeat because they are actively seeking reliable information about natural lifestyle products and services.

Demographics - Our audience represents a broad demographic across ages, cultures, professions and industries with a common interest in sustainability. Readers include consumers, business owners, industry professionals and journalists who regularly contact us with requests for reliable information sources.

Language - While we communicate in English, you will often hear many other languages when we gather. Our multicultural community shares English as a common first or second language and our expanding network lives locally, traveling internationally for business and leisure.

Networks - Community leaders in our network take an active role spreading the word to their own networks. We work closely with organizations and professionals to attract new readers through networking, event sponsorship, publicity campaigns and direct marketing programs.

Privacy - We value privacy and do not ask intrusive questions about age, gender, salary or job titles. Using a social media model, we attract like-minded consumers who value our content and contacts. We respect our readers' time and we provide current, useful and practical information in simple and attractive formats. We protect personal data and maintain high standards of practice in all of our digital communication programs.

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