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Home 11/F, Willie Building 222-224 Des Voeux Road Central Sheung Wan Hong Kong Work Phone: +852 2793 5222 Membership: 03-October-2016 Website: dragonfly-now.com
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Helping you break through illusion to transform

A platform for your transformation, synthesizing spirituality with social awareness

We are a diverse group of highly experienced individuals who have formed a cohesive team over years of friendship, discussion and consciousness exploration. It is thanks to our diversity that we believe we have created an innovative approach to consciousness that is integrated with real-world social dynamics. Social awareness, to us, includes local, global and planetary awareness. We recognize that individuals have different needs, but individual consciousness empowerment is a common factor for us all. We offer symposiums, courses, talks, workshops and individual sessions for your growth and consciousness expansion.

Joined 03-Oct-16 | Updated 21-Nov-16

Categories: Intuitive Arts