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Jill Marshall

BASI Qualified Pilates Instructor
Work 16/F, Tin On Sing Commercial Building 41-43 Graham Street Central Work Phone: +852 9708 0187 Membership: 22-August-2008 Website: jillmarshallpilates.com
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HOURS : By appointment

Through a series of exercises or movements, tone inside and out to strengthen and increase endurance of your core muscles.

Full-body work-out strengthens and stretches; focus on abs and upper back for better posture and improved range of motion and flexibility. Save energy through movement efficiency, using the correct muscles in the correct order. Improve internal muscle tone through breathing technique that improve circulation and increase energy supply. Join multi-level group classes for sports performance, endurance training, injury prevention, pregnancy and post-natal bodywork, rehabilitation post-injuries or back pain. Private sessions available and recommended for beginners or people with back pain.

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