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8 August 2019 |

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We are being called to come together and let our voices be heard wherever we can.

On this auspicious date, I am stepping into leadership and embracing my grey hair in a new role as elder.

Expect to hear more about you and less about me while I shift the deep sharing to a private newsletter for personal members.

Now is the time for some serious community building and I have been rallying members to call our local leaders on their offer to listen to our needs.

My first initiative is The Hong Kong Wish List Project -- a new heartbeat community campaign designed to turn crisis into opportunity in true Chinese style.

Everyone's tired and frustrations are growing and anxiety is everywhere and our social feeds are filled with speculation and the international news media is stuck in a constant loop, resorting to a few movie-quality images of the few violent clashes that don't represent the massive peaceful protests but do sell ads very well.

We've been through SARS in 2003 and the 2014 Occupy Movement and we will come through the current situation stronger than ever. The one thing that surprises me is that anyone would ever question the resilience, creativity and intelligence of Hongkongers. We have learned to live with just enough basic social services to deliver global success at the cost of personal and social wellbeing. Tempers are flaring in the heat of this, the summer of discontent.

It brings solace to receive emails and posts and messages announcing events and openings and launches and special offers from our members who know how to keep calm and love Hong Kong. The Tatler's annual green issue is filled with our members as they reach celebrity status and dominate lifestyle headlines, proving that natural is the ultimate luxury.

We are ready to serve with mindfulness to manage stress, professionals to provide personal support, groups to organize activities, health experts to address the new tear gas toxins and the ever-popular community calendar, now updated daily on the website.

In June, our members breathed new life into HK heartbeat and asked me to start a new fundraising campaign with convenient payment methods.

It's been a quiet summer of recovery and rent is due (again) so please give what you can to keep the funds flowing.

Watch this space for more news and new projects in the pipeline and plans for our 18th anniversary in October.

If you want to find out what happens next, register here with code HKLOVE19.

It's good to be back.


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