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13 August 2019 |

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Dear Members,

It's time to keep calm and share our love for Hong Kong.

We are being called to action as community leaders in this place we call home.

On this, I could not agree more -- even if we're not sure what that looks like.

This has been on my mind for a while and I haven't been sure of effective actions.

The Hong Kong Wish List Project has gained no traction, yet -- we're all pretty full.

I am not an activist or a protester or a lobbyist and I'm sure we will be creative.

"Reconciliation is now an act of self-help." Richard Harris

Our community is all about the healing and self help Richard is calling for.

I am not enjoying my social media time right with all of the trauma.

Rather than feel helpless, we can at least begin a conversation.

Combining our talent, we can serve quietly behind the scenes.

Think respect, kindness, compassion, calm, restoration ...

We're all in this together. Let's do something together.

Let's begin by coming together for a casual sharing.

I am willing to organize a round table gathering.

Share our abundance of expertise.

Let me know by reply.


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